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SA Express-news article on Briles

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by 2314, May 26, 2019.

  1. Can't believe no one has posted this. I have not read this but I can't wait to read the responses.

    Returning to Texas, Briles has lessons to teach

    Too often, we fail to see the good in people. We focus on the negative instead of taking time to appreciate those among us who are trying to make a difference in the world.

    Well, dear readers, that is about to change.

    In the small East Texas town of Mount Vernon, there lives an extraordinary school superintendent by the name of Jason McCullough. His commitment to education is breathtaking.

    On Friday night, just as his latest crop of high school graduates were about to accept their diplomas, McCullough and Mount Vernon’s district released a statement hailing the hire of Art Briles — a man who, while a football coach by title, is above all else a teacher.

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  2. That’s gonna suck some baylor folks in before the hammer drops.
  3. But, isn't this article implying that maybe Art is not a good guy?
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  4. That was a good article. Pretty much nailed Briles and Mt. Vernon all at once.

    Well, he did say he hadn’t read it ha.
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  5. Sarcasm - it's what's for dinner. Mount Vernon Administration = Dumb ass.
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  6. Good article. Really gave Briles the "finger."
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  7. Excellent exposition in the art of dripping sarcasm.
  8. That’s him
  9. I wonder what Mike's middle name is? I love the e-mail addy of mfinger@... Makes me think middle finger when I read it.

    Darn Briles, Baylor, and the Mt. Vernon school board. What a lot of fools that group is.
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