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S-T article said we were down a corner and two safeties in the game...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frogo, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Who was the writer referring to? Julius Lewis at corner? Safeties?
  2. I think I saw everyone out there at the start except Lewis. Simmons was getting a lot of time at the end so maybe Ridwan or Small got dinged up? Not sure.
  3. Small got banged up in a collision with another Frog attempting to make a tackle, and Isahaku was out after getting injured in the second quarter.
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  4. Innis Gaines actually started the game for the Frogs.

    So at one point the only two regulars on the field were Ranthony and Nick and people wonder about Orr's play.

    Could it be that against one of the best offenses in a a conference with a number of good offenses that Patterson asked Orr to do some things to cover the more unexperienced players.
  5. This also explains this quote from Will Grier:

    On TCU's defense:
    "It wasn't what I expected. Everything changed. They ran about six different defenses on the first series and they did a bunch of different stuff the entire game. It just wasn't like them at all."
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  6. The corner James was out there for the majority of the game because Gladney was dinged up. They brought Gladney out on some key series (like the last one) but James played the majority of the game. We need Gladney to come back soon because we had to have safety help over top every time James was out there. Texada is on an island almost every play.
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    Issahaku went out in the first half, looked in pain on the sidelines, but he did return in the 2nd half, fortunately.

    Really don't need any more DBs missing games than we already have.

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  8. Good news in Issahaku. He looked real hurt initially on the sideline.
  9. Ridwan should be okay. We really need Gladney back to full health and hopefully Orr gets it going. They seemed to be going at Orr a lot at the end of the game.
  10. Gladney was announced as starter but didn’t play much. As mentioned Issahaku missed quite a bit of time in the game. Didn’t notice Small out but that makes sense.

    Not sure what the deal is with Gladney ... GP basically said he was out during his presser, but he was able to play? I wonder if it was disciplinary, holding him out of the first half?
  11. Gladney had a sprained ankle from practice, but did play some. In post game pressed, GP said other than Morris, who might miss next two games, injury situation was OK, nothing new that should be an issue next week.

    Issahaku did return to play the final series or two.
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  12. Yeh we were pretty much full strength at end of game outside of Morris
  13. Patterson at his press conference said they had so many DB's out that they had to scramble to put together a dime package at the end of the game.

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