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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by FBallFan123, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. Racing is dying in popularity and teams are losing sponsors left and right.
  2. I much prefer the FIA WEC and IMSA Weathertech SportsCar Championship type racing. I prefer the GTLM and GTD classes of race cars. I'm hoping these grow in popularity!
  3. Crazy how much it is for even a small logo.
  4. My dad used to work for Phillips 66 a long time ago. In the 80s? they decided to sponsor Cole Yarborough one year and it was over a $1 million. They did it for one year and then cancelled it. They adjusted their advertising strategy because it was not worth it. I wonder how expensive it is now.
  5. Should have sponsored Cale Yarborough instead. No wonder they didn't get ROI.
  6. The F1 races are freaking awesome. Hell, so is Indy at COTA and especially MotoGP!
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  7. Shows you much I followed NASCAR. hah
  8. unfortunately, odds are f1 won't be at cota much longer.

    expected when the contract runs out they don't renew with cota and the us grand prix moves to miami
  9. Amazing. The fact he is walking is difficult to comprehend.

    I wonder what specific injuries he sustained.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Get that guy some shoes. Shoeless in a hospital is no way to be.
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  12. I prefer F1 also but here again it’s entertainment value is limited to 5 cars. 2 Mercedes 2 Ferrari and 1 Aston Martin.
    Nobody else need bother to race.....
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  13. Guessing concussion related at the most. Incredible.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing the video of his onboard camera during that crash.
  14. very true and while the races can be entertaining if saw lewis, charles, and max are up front on the right course that hasn't happened much the past few seasons

    i did enjoy the last few races, but in all honesty found the qualifying at times more interesting than some of the races.

    hopefully, returning the ground effects to the cars, a few other structural changes, the team budge cap, and the restriction on tunnel testing time will close that gap some.

    think that mcclaren is getting ready to make a push with the 2021 changes and still not sure mercedes won't sell
  15. It was telling when Kimi Raikonen moved to Alpha that it’s all about the cars and not the driver.
    I also like that, if it rains, they just change tires and race on. NASCAR needs to figure they can do that as well.
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    i like the rain races because it does become apparent some of the drivers just don't have a feel for their cars like others.

    do think the one thing that lewis has on most is his ability to deal with things like tires that start to go bad or brake issues

    funny though because there is a top gear i think that has lewis driving one of senna's old cars and he talks about how different that was from today's cars
  17. I followed NASCAR until the deaths of Adam Petty and Dale Earnhardt.

    I started following Formula 1 a few years ago.

    I’m going to give NASCAR another shot. I do think the stages are kind of stupid.

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