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Road Trip Driving Record: NY to LA < 29 hours

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by frogs9497, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. While reading this article, I couldn't help but think of some of the posters here who opted to make the straight drive from FW to Pasadena a few years ago. 
    These guys averaged 98 MPH- hard to believe.
    Ed Bolian had a serious cross-country need for speed.
    The 28-year-old Atlanta man and a two-man crew shattered the unofficial record for fastest drive from New York City to Los Angeles earlier this month by making the 2,813-mile trip in 28 hours and 50 minutes, besting the previous mark set in 2006 by more than two hours.
    “I’ve thought about doing this for the last 10 years,” Bolian told FoxNews.com on Thursday. “This was always to me sort of the holy grail of American automotive culture.”
    Using a souped-up 2004 Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG, Bolian, co-driver Dave Black and support passenger Dan Huang left the Red Ball Parking Garage on 31st Street in New York City at 9:55 p.m. on Oct. 19. The trio later arrived at the Portofino Hotel and Marina in Redondo Beach, Calif., at 11:46 p.m. local time on Oct. 20. The ride went as smooth as anyone could’ve imagined, Bolian said.
  2. Average 98 MPH and no tickets?
  3. I hate to be "that guy," but that's foolish. There were over 29,000 moter vehicle deaths in the U.S. last year alone.
    The only time driving is a sport is when it's on a track.
  4. Totally agree... I'd be pissed if these guys passed me going 110 in a 70 zone.
  5. Oh come on... They did it. No one got hurt. The majority of the way was open highway in the middle of nowhere... I'm sure they kept their speed and flashed their high beams when approaching cars in the right lane, and slowed down when they needed to

    You've never driven 110mph in the middle of nowhere? I have in between Raton NM and Amarillo TX, and the only danger I was presenting on anyone was myself. I didn't see a car for 10 minutes
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  6. You guys crying about someone driving fast need to grow a pair. Sheesh.
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  7. Most people on the road (a) aren't smart enough and (b) aren't skilled enough to drive at these speeds with other cars present.  
    They don't have the right to place my family or me at risk in their quest for vanity, to catch a flight, etc.  This isn't about growing a pair, but maybe it's about growing a brain.   
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  8. Three drivers, none of which were texting, eating, drinking, talking on the phone, reading the newspaper, playing the guitar, or having sex while driving. 
    I want to do that!
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  9. I'm good enough to drive that fast with other cars present...
  10. The guy is a sales director for a Lamborghini dealer in ATL. Good thing he didnt try that in a Lamborghini. He would have broken down in New Jersey.
  11. Ruidoso to Ft. Worth (door to door) 7 hours 15 minutes is my greatest accomplishment behind the wheel.
  12. I've been toying around with the idea to have a race with my TCU friends from FW to Austin or something where the winner gets a couple grand.
  13. I'll bet they have small weenies to try something this meat headed.  Yeah brah we never got under 95 on the highway...EXTREME!!!
    I've driven at some extremely high speeds in many different places, though I've slowed down in my old age.   Doing the drive to Austin would be way too dangerous.  I35 may be the worst highway in Texas and the combination of traffic, trucks, and construction would make that an incredibly bad idea.  I drive to Austin several times per year and rarely make the trip without seeing at least one wreck.
    That said, I remember a story (urban legend) about a guy leaving Austin at 4am and making it to Fort Worth by 5:15am driving an extremely fast car back in the late 80's.   Not sure I ever believed it, but the car definitely had that ability.  
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  15. Maybe not to Fort Worth, but you could do Austin to San Antonio
  16. My uncle got pulled over in Dumas when we were driving to Colorado.
    It can happen
  17. One of my airmen used to ride crotch rockets with friends.  He said they'd hit 180 at times.  I asked him where they could accomplish that.  He said they'd drive north on I-35 from Fort Worth to Denton, looking for cops on the south bound side, then turn around in Denton and open it up on the way back to Ft Worth.  Glad no armadillos or small birds got in their way, or they would have wound up looking like a pizza smear on the pavement.
  18. You better watch your ass in Dumas...that place is hard core.
  19. My best is from my college rental house @ Trail Lake and I-20 to 8 miles west of Tilden, TX (about 75 south of San Antonio).
    341 mile trip that I did in exactly 4 hours and 45 minutes in a '98 F-150
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