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RIP Curly Neal

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frog Wild, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Along with Meadowlark Lemon, one of the best.
  2. One of the originals. I loved them back when they were really good and entertaining. You don’t hear much about the Globetrotters anymore.
  3. Harlem Globetrotters, great bunch. Like the House of David baseball team, guys with black beards that travelled the country back in the '30's and 40's.
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  4. They used to come to FW every year (saw them three times), but now it is Dallas only. Too bad. They put on a great show.
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  5. Recently went down the YouTube wormhole of cartoons I watched during my childhood. Yes, this included the Globetrotters with their van with the bb court on top of it.

  6. Loved watching Curly. Such a talented athlete, and equally funny. RIP
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  7. Curly and Goose Tatum the very best ! Meadow Lark also incredible.
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  8. He and Lemon were the best. Went to see them when I was a kid.
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  9. interesting bio, 23+ a game scorer in college, one of 5 players to have his number retired with the globe trotters.

    any guesses who the other 4 are?
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  10. 19 min mark.
    one of their greatest bits.
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  11. I would guess
    Wilt Chamberlain

    Don’t know who else.
  12. you got 3 with marcus haynes who originally filled the role curly later filled as the 5th
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    I believe there are three HG "casts" now and they travel around the world with different schedules and cities. They apparently no longer focus on individual personalities like when Curly and Meadowlark ruled. And those poor "Washington Generals" who were the GT's perennial opponent - I believe that once or twice they actually beat the 'trotters!

    Trivia: HOF pitcher Bob Gibson was once a star player for the Harlem Globetrotters, before going to the SL Cardinals. (I saw him hurl his 3,000th strikeout vs. the Reds in Cinci in 1974. Now that was a privilege.)
  14. My oldest brother once suited up for the Washington Generals and hit five outside shots in a row before Curly and another one of the Globetrotters grabbed him and forced him onto the Generals' bench for the rest of the game. Precious memories. May Curly RIP.
  15. They were literally at Dickies Arena last month. I took my son. A client gave me 4th row tickets and my son loved it. I went in thinking it would be lame but I enjoyed it. I laughed a lot more than I thought I would.
  16. Big Easy was the ring leader when I went last month. They sold his jersey and it was the only one they sold with a name on it. He was pretty entertaining.
  17. Goose would be Geese Ausbie
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  18. Plural?? I guess I forgot that.
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