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Reseating question

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Aug 18, 2020.

  1. Anyone know when season ticket holders are going to be notified? My understanding is the process starts next Monday. I have not seen any notification on when our slotted time is to select seats. TIA
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  2. They are working out the new +4 plan first.
  3. So the accounts with 80 tickets will only get 4 seats? Or will they get 84 seats?
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  4. lol
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    I imagine it will be by this Friday.

    From what I understand, the Ticket Office is still sorting through all the people that have called and opted out and trying to organize everyone's selection time.

    Another interesting thing I've asked and received mixed answers on (Maybe @atofrog can answer this):

    How will the "pods" of 4 seats be handled if someone only chooses 2 seats. Will those other 2 seats remain available to someone else? Or will the pod be blocked off to others selecting seats, even though only 2 seats were selected?
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  6. I have 2 seats. Deferred 1 to 2021. Will only use 1 for 2020. Emailed ticket office early yesterday morning. I had a reply with confirmation by 930am.

    Have not heard when I pick my seat yet.
  7. https://gofrogs.com/sports/2020/8/4/2020-football-faq.aspx

    Temporary Seat Selection for the 2020 Football Season
    At this time, based on health and safety recommendations from state and local authorities TCU will have a maximum capacity of 12,000 for home football games. In an effort to accommodate as many season ticket accounts as possible, while still providing tickets for the entire season, we will conduct a seat selection process starting August 24th.
  8. You’d have been selecting by now, but the ticket office has been backed up with calls from Maniac.
  9. Emails with your slot time are supposed to go out Friday
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  10. Wash your hands after picking your seat.
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  11. You can pick your friends but you can’t pick your seat.
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  13. Correct, we are updating the database daily based on fans letting us know if the are in or out for this season. As a reminder, you are automatically included in the re-seating process next week as long as you renewed season tickets. You do not have to opt in.

    We will be sending an email on Friday with everyone’s selection date and time. We suggest everyone go ahead and login to review available options so they get an idea before their official selection time arrives.

    If 2 seats are selected out of a block of 4, the remaining 2 will still be available for someone else to select. The seats that were selected will then be highlighted “yellow”. This is to indicate to the next person that they will be sitting next to someone they may or may not know. So it will be up to them to decide how they want to proceed....choose the seats next to someone or find a different area that will not have someone next to them.

    Go Frogs!
  14. Hi ATO, thanks for your efforts!
    I emailed the ticket office Monday and have yet to get a response on deadline for opting out. Hard to read all threads as well.

    Anyone know this answer or is it right up to your slotted time to decide? Thx in advance.....
  15. That's because you aren't allowed in.
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  16. I have 2. Could I voluntarily give 1 back this year and get it back next year?
  17. @atofrog can we opt out if we don’t like our seat selection, meaning if we end up in the bleeders based on point totals, when we don’t normally.
  18. Sounds similar to overpaid Angels slugger Albert Pewholes.
  19. You can prick your finger, but you can't fing...

    ah never mind.
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  20. Did @steelfrog tell you that joke?
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