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Register for the 2019 State of the Frogdom @ Fred's TCU, Aug 30th

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Ryann Zeller, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. I tried to register but it was giving me fits at every turn. But I am in +1

  2. Karen is speaking at the State of the Frogdom this year :)
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  3. I have you (RollToad) +1 on the Pay at the Door list.

    If your payment went through, you'll be on the PAID list under your real name. There are two payments that PayPal canceled and those are noted on the RSVP list.
  4. Hi everyone. 14 more sleeps until Game Day!!!

    Details for The State of the Frogdom, Aug 30 @ Fred's TCU:


    • Parking is much better now, but still limited
    • Carpool if you can
      • Doors open at 11am
      • Registered/paid online: your name will be on the PAID list
      • RSVP'd but paying $15 (cash, PayPal, check) at the door: your KillerFrogs' name will be listed - NOT your real name
    • Pay at the door is $20 (cash, PayPal, check)
    • If you are a paid member of KillerFrogs.com, you will receive a "Thank you" gift
    • Fred's is preparing the food ahead of time. Buffet of chicken and burgers, fries, and non-alcoholic drinks
    • You'll be able to purchase alcohol at the bar :)
    • We will have KF shirts, GMFP shirts, and some other small items for purchase via cash, check, PayPal

    • Be ready for it! We're doing it with the coaches. Gotta get the KillerFrogs on the BIG(ger than Baylor's) SCREEN at a game!

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