• All Hail The Hypnotoad

R.I.P. Dwayne Haskins


He drunk. And high. With girlfriend. Hailing cars on the highway. Dumass.

Almost as dumb as Kobe.

I'll show myself out.


I don't trust any motorist these days. I do a lot of bike rides out on the streets, and its crazy how many motorists aren't paying attention. Something you truly notice when you are on the road biking.

I got hit by a guy in a roundabout on my bike in Keller back in October and he acted like it was my fault.

I don't even ride by bike on sidewalks or shoulders anymore because while I might be holding up traffic riding on the road, at least drivers can see me. I feel like I am invisible when I ride on a sidewalk or shoulder. I'd rather have angry cars behind me upset that they can't pass me, than get hit by someone not paying attention to the sidewalk/shoulder. I've had too many close calls.

And its not just those not paying attention, some just like to harass cyclists. Just this morning I was biking back from the mid cities to Fort Worth and some jackass in a pickup truck decided to buzz me on Handley-Ederville Road(which is a 3 lane road). The road was empty except for me and the truck, he could have picked any lane, I was in the far right side of the right lane, and he decided to buzz me(my left elbow was maybe 6 inches away from the truck) and honk his horn. I guess he had nothing better to do on a Saturday Morning than harass cyclists. This startled me and caused me to swerve to the right off the road and crash, and the spikes on my bike chain gear stabbed me about 25 places in the back of my right calf as well as completely tear the skin off my left ankle.
In most Texas cities riding your bike on a sidewalk is prohibited by local ordnances. If one was hit by a vehicle in a crosswalk with the street and sidewalk--the vehicle has the right of way and the cyclist is faulted. No matter if the vehicle was in the wrong.


I'm certainly not going to throw stones as I spent most of my 20's with a .20 BAC doing dumb stuff.
It's one thing to have a .20 BAC, another to have a .20 BAC, have some controlled substances in you, drive a car (that is basically empty on gas), have a woman not named your wife in the middle of the night in that car, proceed to wander around a highway.