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Q&A with Bob Bowlsby, increase in revenue distribution other items

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by H0RNEDFR0GBLITZ, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. BOWLSBY: We’ll reveal the numbers at the end of May, but we expect a substantial increase from that of last year, which was $34.5 million per school.

    BOWLSBY: We’re spending a lot of time considering what to do with our third-tier rights. All of the baseball, softball, volleyball and championships not covered by our other agreements. Most of our members would like to see us aggregate and have some sort of digital network that would allow for standardization of distribution and a shared capture of revenue. We’re spending time on that.

    I know this got brought up in the ESPN hemorrhaging thread, but it's interesting to see Bowlsby talking about the formation of a "digital network".

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  2. He also pointed out that the B12 had a team in both the CFP and the Final Four, as well as our 5-2 bowl record and contributing 25% of the Sweet 16. ESPN doesn't like to talk about that
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  3. If the Big 12 does a digital network, don't expect they will stray far away from ESPN and IMG... Because they won't.

    Also, expect that some schools... cough cough... will have minimum distributions as part of the agreement. It will NOT be an equal share kind-of-deal.
  4. Also, I don't believe the OU deal expires until 2022, but OU has a look in during 2019-2020 I believe...

    Ultimately, I expect the Big 12 to announce a new TV deal for the league that involves them developing a digital network with IMG/ESPN for all tier 3 rights. ESPN/FOX would likely split tier 1, ESPN would own all Tier 2 and Tier 3.

    ESPN is going to ask the Big 12 to put the digital network into ESPN+, so get ready to buy that thing.
  5. Yeah, I have a feeling that the Big 12 will end up as a digital network within the ESPN+ entity as well. I think it will be more than just games, but highlight shows, pregame/post game shows, analysis, etc. Pretty much a full network within ESPN+. Remember that in 2019 when the Disney purchase of the Fox regional netowrks takes place, Disney will have the rights to (TCU, Tech, Baylor, OSU, OU, Texas, and KU). ISU and KSU are independently run through their schools while WVU is on Root. It would not be too terribly hard to purchase the rights to the 3 remaining schools and get something going within a year or two after that.

    I would probably be forced to buy ESPN+ at that point. ESPN might be try to leverage the Big 12 to increase the subscriber base of ESPN+.
  6. If ESPN+ is a channel, I’m good with it. If it’s some watch ESPN streaming only, then no I’m not buying it
  7. Have to be careful what I say here... But put it this way:

    - So long as the academic side is getting their contribution, they are OK.
    - So long as the athletic side is getting their share, they are OK.

    This thinking has changed vs. previous now that there is new leadership on both sides of the house... The Longhorn Network is viewed VERY differently today than it was, the only hurdle is cash and guarantees. And that issue is an issue for Texas and IMG.
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  8. Cut a deal with Netflix. Everything is going digital and the Big 12 needs to be on the cutting edge.

    Within 5 years I expect to be able to access the TCU dugout cam from my living room and text Schloss a message that he needs to bunt the runner over to third. I also expect to be ignored.:(
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  9. And 3 teams in the college baseball world series.
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