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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by bleedpurple, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. Why was Reagor returning punts? Furthermore, why did he get another chance after the first botched return? I know there are other capable players on the roster that can field a punt.
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  2. Didn’t Reagor take over for Turp last year? Didn’t remember him looking that shaky. That was ... no bueno last night.
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  3. The word is they want Derius Davis to be the man as to not risk Reagor on dangerous duty. Have no clue why he took all the punts last especially after three muffs.
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  4. I don’t remember him looking shaky last year either (that doesn’t mean anything) and he could of had three returns for a TDs and I would have the same question
  5. Well, he’s a weapon and a potential Maxwell Award winner — if he can catch punts and if we can throw to him (hint, hint, play Duggan). In Reagor’s defense (sort of) some of those punts were ugly looking and he looked eager to house one or two.
  6. He overthought everything last night. Before he caught the ball/fielded the punt, he was thinking of where he was going to go with it. He’ll calm down and be fine.
  7. Hint, hint, he dropped a pass he should have caught that Delton threw.

    Heck Hights should have scored on the long ball from Delton.
  8. I think it was a byproduct of being UAPB he figured he could return them to the house every time. Against a better opponent he won’t take everything for granted.
  9. It's foolish to have Reagor doing Kickoffs and Punt returns. We are risking injury to our premier wideout - just silly actually on the offensive staff's part, but GP ok's it. so there's that. This whole offensive scheme is a mess.
  10. Your best return player should be returning the ball. There are some Heisman winners who were their team's best receiver and returned the ball too.

    However, if we have other good hands people with very good wiggle.... definitely good giving them some of the duty too.
  11. I don’t get the “risking injury” thing. He’s our best offensive player and should be getting the ball as many times as possible during a game. I hope to god Purdue minimizes the injury risk to Rondale Moore next week by limiting his touches.
  12. Well, we just agree to disagree on this subject. If we need Reagor on punt and kick off returns to beat APB, then yes,
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  13. It's not about needing him to beat APB. If he's going to be your returner throughout the season then HE NEEDS THE WORK as we saw the other night. Hopefully he got the drops out of his system before the real games start.

    Lots of times I've seen people say "if we need to do this, that, and the other to beat UAPB then we're in trouble." Nothing we did on Saturday was about beating UAPB. It was about getting live game reps for all of our players and getting them ready for the other 11 games as much as possible.
  14. Exactly. Saquan Barkley returned punts and kicks at Penn St. If Saquan Barkley isn't too good to return punts/kicks then neither is Reagor.
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  15. I don’t think we should have him in at receiver either. Too great a risk to get hurt. It is much safer on the sidelines, as long as he pays attention to the plays coming at him.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Exactly Ceedee Lamb returns kicks for OU and he is arguably their best receiver. You have to give your best player the opportunity to make big plays for you.
  18. How many fumbles or drops did he have while returning?
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    JR is returning punts because GMFP wants him to. Period. He wants to see him catch those in a game. JR must be the Frogs best chance to score on punt return. I trust GMFP on all personnel decisions 100%. Perhaps he knows [ What the heck? ] he is doing. One day they will build a statue of him! The playbook was not open geniuses. The receivers didn’t block or catch. This gives GMFP something to yell at everyone about for 2 weeks which is exactly what is needed. He will say something like, “OK, I told you guys what to expect and how to do things and go about your business and there were all those colors of Gatorade for you to choose from but we did it your way. Now we’re going to do it my way” , and everyone will understand exactly what he means and kick the snot out of Purdue. You have to TAKE games on the road. GMFP will probably mention this to the team.
    QB’s both showed that they are capable. If Max is the QB, Del will still come in and bust a big run at anytime. I can imagine both on the field at the same time. The team wasn’t up for Pine freaking Bluff. The opponent is lame, ACS was a mess. The O wasn’t sharp, but everything is correctable. FYI, Houston, we have a kicker. The Chicken Little’s on this site are what keeps it going, I guess.
  20. Logic AND Reason!?!? Keep that away from the board!
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