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PressBox DFW: Finally, Dixon again playing with a full deck

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Gil LeBreton, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. PressBox DFW: Finally, Dixon again playing with a full deck


    In the midst of summer, Jamie Dixon can relax and do something he didn’t get to last summer — watch practice.

    Real, bona fide, five-on-five practice.

    Unlike the summer of 2018, a full roster of healthy players — 20, counting walk-on hopefuls — is at the TCU basketball coach’s disposal. Twelve months ago, a handful of key veterans and newcomers sat out all or part of the eight weeks of summer work because of injuries. Two years ago, transcript delays caused a late start for others.

    This year, only one player is missing.

    Read more at: https://www.pressboxdfw.com/finally-dixon-again-playing-with-a-full-deck-at-tcu/
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  2. Behold, the dawning of a new era.....resplendent with possibility.
  3. Didn't know he was not "playing with a full deck" before. Mental health is a serious issue
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  4. Great article.
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  5. Nothing wrong with guys sitting around talking about the size of their decks.
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  6. And now HCJD has his own recruits, ostensibly selected by him and his staff, recruits picked because they fit his system. No more excuses.

    Unless, of course, injuries, grades and The Portal come a'callin'.
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  7. Boo
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  8. i buy this to a point namely because the guys who have been transferring out have been for the most part his recruits and the guys who have been contributing in large part to the success of his time in ft worth were trent's guys.
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  9. But coach, can the new guys shoot free throws well?

    Just kidding. Sorta
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. The point I was hoping to make using subtle snarkism...
  12. Racist.
  13. Excuses for what? The best three year run in program history.?
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