Pat Sullivan to be at the game this week

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  1. Former TCU head football coach will be at the game this week.

    Apparently his health has deteriorated to the point where he doesn't have much time left, which is terribly sad.

    Not sure if he has the strength to come onto the field and be recognized. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers
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  2. Sure wish the best for him. Don't we owe the Frog Walk and some of the Frog Alley and tailgating popularity to him?
  3. I think you are right

    He did try and increase exposure to the team. Remember when he moved practices to the soccer field just so that people could see them and hopefully get interested in the program?
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  4. Wow forgot about that. I used to love getting picked up from school and driving by watching them practice.
  5. Don't use tobacco, kids.
  6. One of the many links along the chain to get where we are today, all important in their own way. Best wishes for him.
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    I know he was responsible for switching the field from AstroTurf to grass. I remember going to Farrington Field for his first Purple/White game while that was going on.
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  8. I was there watching practice from behind the fence one day. He spots us, walks over and invites us to come inside. When we came on the sideline, he stood with us explaining what was going on, talked about the drills, etc.

    Frankly I could never see GP doing that and really appreciated Coach Sullivan taking the time to speak to us
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  9. He brought us LaDainian Tomlinson. Just for that he earns some respect and goodwill. Hope we can make this a happy experience for Coach Sullivan.
  10. I would go to his practices to watch Royal West , who is an old family friend, get ready for the next game. We were allowed to stand on the sideline and talk to players after practice..
  11. And Chris Piland
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  12. Hopefully the crowd will get a chance to applaud him by big screen from his seat if nothing else.
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  13. We owe him big time for LT.
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  14. And Barret Robbins.
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  15. This week's "give 'em hell, tcu" celebrity appearance?
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  16. That would be cool. But I'd bet a lot of people wouldn't have a clue.
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  17. Sullivan and his staff made a serious effort to bring toughness to our program. He had his moments with the win over Texas and the seven win season and Independence / weedeater bowl. Maybe the most miserable cold and wet game ever, worse than Baylor. God Bless him.
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    Lord knows I remember them moving practice out there. The walk from the locker room wasn't very fun but I probably needed it for my own good, sorry to hear coach Sullivan isn't doing well. Got to see him in Fort Worth and say hello when he was coaching at UAB. I may try to come up this weekend with my son and say hello again.
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  19. 2314 giving a shout out?
  20. Very saddened to his current state, was of course hoping for much better news. Will be there to cheer for him.
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