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They have to play at least 9 conference games then, right?
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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - At least one group of Texas A&M students is celebrating a national championship this year.
On Sunday, November 13, The Texas A&M Meat Judging team claimed the national title at a competition in Nebraska, the program’s first since 2006.
The competition consists of judging carcasses and cuts from lamb, beef, and pork, and rates them on quality grading, yield, and cutability.
Head Coach Kaylee Greiner, a grad student in the meat sciences program, said the response so far from the campus community has been great.

Hmmm. 2006? It's been a long dry spell. But I will say that they won the whole thing with a grad student as head coach? Can she coach football? And the name is priceless!
Is she Earls grand-daughter?