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Our Roster Next Year

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wilson912, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. Next year we lose Bane, Grayer, and Dennis. Hopefully Big Kevin stays. Who are the starters next year? Will any of Taryn Todd, Kevin Easley, Mickey Pearson, and Chuck O’Bannon be able to contribute-any inside scoop?. This season’s group simply cannot score. Who’s gonna replace Bane’s scoring?

    possible lineup:

    Big Kev
    PJ Fuller
    Charles O’Bannon
    PG Recruit from Dallas
  2. We lose Bane next year. That's it. It's a big loss obviously but it's the only loss unless there are transfers or KS wants to play overseas.

    Also, RJ will be a starter. I highly doubt O'Bannon or the freshman from Lancaster will start.
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  3. forgot about RJ, clearly he starts. The PG spot is interesting, can Farabello develop or does the true freshman take the starting job? Is anybody going to offer a low post presence to compliment KS? We need easy baskets; we get so few now
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  4. Are there scholarships to bring in some JUCO scorers?
  5. Definitely agree we need more easy baskets. Need KS to keep developing his post game and it would be great to have more frontcourt scoring as well. We also need to be better in transition. We don't get nearly enough easy baskets on the break.
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  6. should we play more uptempo when possible? We are poor in the half court.
  7. Time to start over. Dixon is not the answer. Or TCU could continue the path of the bottom. He can coach, can win a NIT, but against good Big 12 teams he gets outcoached. His evaluations of player personnel is below average, his development is well so far average to below average. He already tried to leave. Something just doesn't sit right anymore. I was real excited when he came in and TCU won. All those players leaving and the UCLA thing it seems like a bad situation.
  8. This is basically year 1 for Dixon (if you give him a restart because of the massive turnover last year). The landscape of college basketball has changed so much in the last few years. I’m for giving Jamie the opportunity to build something starting now. Unless he leaves on his own, I see our athletic department being patient with him. I believe in him and think he learns from his personnel mistakes from the past. This team is very young. I hope we get to see it mature and I’m interested in what future players he is going to bring in to build something the right way.
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  9. We miss a lot of layups and dunks. No inherent basketball talent and it shows up in free throw shooting also. These are just the absolute very basics and we cannot do them. What does that tell us?
  10. Mike Miles will start
  11. Need a juco shooter big time. We only lose Bane as was previously mentioned.
  12. How do you get a D1 scholarship and shoot as bad as the vast majority of our team?
  13. agree. We also lose Dennis and Grayer, so maybe one or two spots available. Thinking Miles and O Bannon are taking two of them. Hope fully both of them make an immediate impact. Samuel staying is a key.
  14. I understand the frustration with JD. i do think somebody on the staff is clearly developing Samuel.
  15. Think you’d be able to fill in better for Dennis
  16. I say this in jest, but sometimes (especially yesterday) it seems like Jamie has gone out and intentionally recruited kids that can’t shoot or make free throws.
  17. If this year continues as the last couple have, half of the team will jump through the portal and we get to start all over again from near-scratch.

    It gets damned hard to build a team identity or ethos when the big, red RESET button his hit every May.
  18. I'd personally be shocked if he starts ahead of Farabello.
  19. You don’t get a restart in year 4 at his salary and in a P5 conference. Maybe he should’ve spent more time focusing on our roster instead of UCLA’s.
  20. Unless Farabello starts to shoot besides a wide open corner 3, then I wound not be shocked.

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