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Our Roster Next Year

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wilson912, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. I hear you, but I don’t want to go back to the ND, JC or even MI days. Jamie is getting talent. I’ll fight it through with him.
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  2. He is not paid $3 million a year to be in year 4, coming up in 5 to be in year 1. He is 100% responsible for this team. It is what it is, we are not getting the ROI we need with our men’s hoops team. I was hoping he would have left to UCLA. He didn’t because the ridiculous buy out. Our AD should have accepted what they offered and we should have went after the new up and comer.
  3. Watched Duke win over North Carolina last night-- about the best game i've seen in some time.
    The hustle and effort by both teams stood out, and best two coaches put on a clinic about that aspect.
    Guess what I'm saying is coaching is the big difference in most games, and a shame one had to lose.
    Of course, they are at places that are recruiting heaven, but you still have to coach when you get them.
  4. Yes Leap, but Waco is certainly not recruiting heaven nor is Lubbock. What's happened at those 2 spots?
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  5. What's happened ?-- two good looking coaches who may be as successful as the two vets.
    We will see, and if they are, I will certainly take notice. You are right about Lubbock and Waco though.
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  7. I'm curious to see how Broussard's impact on recruiting changes the frogs.
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  8. North Carolina has a roster full of 5* MacDonalds All Americans. Yet they are 10-13. By the standards used by many on this board Roy Williams is not a good coach
  9. People make judgments and comments about what should be and they have never stepped on the floor to coach. Sometimes unexpected and unfortunate things arise and cause setbacks. I’m confident our program will be a major player under CJD.
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  10. Noi could play and had a great start, but seemed to check out midway through last year. Fisher could play but couldn’t stay healthy. Davis could play ball but not school. If even two of those three panned out it would have been a different story this year.
  11. I’m glad we have Farah and want his minutes to increase esp with Dennis’ poor performance. However, he’s got a ways to go, does not attack basket enough. Miles better be starting! Really hoping PJ can develop as he, with his quickness, has potential to be really good. Really need Farah, PJ, D Smith, and RJ to work their tails off this summer here in FW. I think RJ has been working hard - he’s come a LONG way In the last few years. Remember, most thought he’d be ushered out after hiss first year.
  12. I have a few thoughts. I think it is very fair to level some criticism towards the head man because it is just natural to do so. These guys get paid big bucks to coach and they all know that.

    On one hand, I agree that we could and should all be a bit disappointed. We had a TON of momentum early last year, and to this day, I still don't know what really happened that caused us to lose the team. I also know that the guys who left, sans Noi for pro reasons, went down a level of competition. Davis is doing very well but I know Yuat was kicked off UCF and Kaden is not doing too much at UT El Paso. Before that mass exodus, we were a top 15 team.

    Last year out of the way, You could make the argument we should have been in the tourney anyways. Same with Dixon's first year. I remember a horrible call at WVU coliseum on Jalen Fisher that changed that game and probably knocked us out of the tourney.

    If you don't see a clear rise in level of play vs our putrid 2000s then idk what to tell you. But I also understand a demand for more. Rankings wise, Dixon is recruiting better here than he ever did at Pitt, sans a class or two. Our young guys are very talented and should get better. I like this upcoming class. Maybe Obannon will actually come in and play like a 5 star.

    Seeing how some programs(Tech) come out of nowhere, it is easy to fall victim to the comparison game. Jamie was once that coach at Pitt that Beard is at Tech. Jamie is a great coach. He can certainly be better too. He has been markedly different since 2014ish. IDK why. Hopefully he can dig deep and pull a rabbit out of the hat this year but again, I have given this year a pass and so far we have actually exceeded my expectations.

    The coming 2 years are very important. I will not react much this year except in surprise if we pull off a nice run and make the tourney.

    Also, the money argument is kinda weird to me...I know people on here donate, but that's just it: a donation. Most boosters are generally wrong. We elect politicians that suck all the time, many people are overpaid, but only coaches somehow get this flak. I always thought that argument is lame. Ultimately, universities will make decisions that they see fit.
  13. Obviously Roy Williams is a HOF coach but I don't think you'll find many UNC fans who would describe their team THIS YEAR as being well coached.
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  14. So you’re giving him a pass last year because of the departures. Giving him a pass this year because of last year. And from reading your whole post, probably going to give him a pass for the youth next year. Am I right? How many passes does this guy get???
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  15. That's where I'm at. It's somewhat similar to football where it seems like there's a built-in excuse every single year.

    Somehow we are "young" every single year in football... despite being an old team last year.
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  16. No. Firing him this year and even next year would most likely end up being moronic. I have my own disappointments. Not too happy either. But pre maturely calling for his firing is moronic.
  17. Ben Howland is the one that turned the Pitt program around in the early 2000's. JD had a nice run after Howland went to UCLA but he took over a team that had won back-to-back Big East championships. I'm not sure the comparison to Beard is all that relevant.
  18. Dixon did more at pitt than Any other coach theyve had. Howland laid foundation but dixon had 13 years of sustained success at a school with no real basketball advantage.
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  19. Maybe Williams is slipping, maybe I am too-- just a harmless opinion. Anyway, the "standards" of this board are tough.

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