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OT- Pistol Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by WIN, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Enjoyed everyone's shotgun of choice and made me wonder what pistol you prefer?

    Personally have many different types but always come back to Glocks.

    Have license to carry but rarely do.
  2. Springfield Armory XD .40 cal is my favorite of many. Never been a fan of glocks for some reason. Have a big beautiful Kimber 1911 but don’t love shooting it.
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  3. Heckler & Koch VP, prefer the 9.
  4. Springfield is one I’ve wanted to buy, but always get derailed by others when I get to the gun shop.

    Glock 43 is my EDC.
  5. I’ve been reading some good stuff on H&C lately. Seems like they’re trending up.
  6. Don’t have an Springfield XD9 but I’d like one.
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  7. Glock 19 Gen 5 with laser sight
    Beretta Tomcat 32
    Smith & Wesson 9mm with laser sight
    Ruger 9mm

    Concealed carry: compact Smith & Wesson 380 with laser sight
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  8. It’s too big to cc (at least for my comfort level), but it’s a great gun. Definitely suggest trying one out next time you’re at the range.
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  9. That is not a pistol in my pocket, that is my Love Gun.

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  10. H&K makes much more effort to sell to a broader audience than they used to.
  11. S&W Bodyguard.380 is my EDC.

    My favorite gun to shoot is my Beretta 92
  12. Springfield XD 9mm Tactical is my carry, XD .45acp is at home, and Kimber .40 Ultra Carry II for fun.
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  13. Kimber micro 9 (LG)
  14. H&K all the way. My HK45 is a delight to shoot, and never fails.

    I had the opportunity recently (Athena had a "Walther Days" event) to check out the PPQ series, and I found them quite comfy to the hand and well balanced. Sight acquisition wasn't a problem at all, even with my lousy close-up vision. The PPQ45 may be on my shopping list...

    The XD series are very nice. Haven't shot one yet, but will probably do so in time. The price tag is enticing compared to my H&Ks...

    I had a Sig P229 in .40 that was an excellent gun. Their TACOPS 1911 is a thing of beauty, and I would love to try that little dumpling out on the range. Comes in 10mm, too!
  15. Ahh, now we're getting into MY area of interest. I like pistols of many calibers and costs, brands and styles. I'm what you would probably call a "shadetree gunsmith". I'm also a Glock certified Advanced Armorer. The first thing I do when I buy a new pistol is detail strip it down to all of its parts, determine what they do and how they interact with each other, then start hand fitting them back together, smoothing out rough spots, etc. You'd be surprised how well a Taurus can be made to feel mechanically, for example. Sometimes I just buy pistols in order to work with something new. Did this with a Taurus 85 that now feels like one of the good old S&Ws. I also build ghost guns of the 1911, Glock, and AR variety.

    I own more Glocks than anything because I compete in GSSF matches. I have a match in KS this weekend, actually. Since it is a Glock sponsored event, you can only compete with their brand firearms. It's an easy jumping off point for anyone that is interested in getting into competitive shooting. Very low pressure and everyone is pretty friendly and welcoming to newcomers.

    First frame-up build (Series 70).
    1911 build.jpg
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  16. FN Five Seven is the only pistol you need
  17. VP9 all the way. VP9SK is outstanding for CC.
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  18. I had a Wilson combat .45 but after my stroke my wife pressured me into selling it. I still regret it as it was the finest pistol I have ever shot.
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  19. That sucks


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