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OT:OK, Where The Hell Is The Frog Hidden TCU Magazine Cover!!

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, May 27, 2020.

  1. someone would put a hit out
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  2. ugh, cussing out the hider!
  3. It is a very cool tradition.

    However, I have to admit I find it very hard to read that magazine any more. Very different focus on the subjects they present. I'll leave you to make your own conclusions.
  4. Okay, now I see what you see. That's it.

    Guess I need to up the Rx on my reading glasses...and buy a stronger magnifying glass.
  5. That makes two of us!
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  6. Until you pointed it out i would have never found it BF.
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  7. Thought this one was one of their tougher ones in a long while.
  8. Playboy Magazine (RIP) - find the rabbit!
  9. I hear Viagra helps. At least, that is what a friend told me.
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  11. Hell, neither my wife or me could find the stupid frog. It ain't no big deal. Maybe in the next issue.
  12. Don’t see the frog, but that’s Lee Harvey Oswald looking out the second story window...
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  13. use magnifying glass around the tree on the right, very faint. Perhaps a printing issue or they are just trying to give us headache.
  14. Yes
  15. I’m only one kind
    And you can’t find me
  16. obvious answer is that it is on the general board where no one will find it
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  17. Some of yous must be better at finding tiny things than I am. I don't have any experience.
  18. I looked
  19. It pissed me off so much when they put it on the back cover. I was ready to send 100 complaint emails and kick the chancellor. That’s like a kids activity where you ask them to find the 5 differences in two photos and only put 4 differences in there. It’s just evil.
  20. Told you it was right there.

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