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ot: netflix documentary - the social delimma

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Eight, Oct 30, 2020.

  1. highly recommend this documentary as it involves some individuals who were involved in the development of facebook, twitter, snapchat, etc. and the impact it is has had on culture and society in america

    not a political documentary and not about fact checking, censorship, etc but does explore the dangers of these aps and there are many in the health community who believe that a number of the depression, anxiety, other mental health issues as well as the rise in suicide rates of teens and individuals in their early 20's can be traced in part to the role these apps play in our daily lives
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  2. Seconded. It's an issue that is basically systemic to the fact that we are all using machines that can connect to each other. The second that happened, social media popped up (I'm old enough to remember the old Alt.Rec newsgroups and Prodigy BBS). I mean, KFC is social media too. I don't know how you put the genie back in the bottle.
  3. Big difference in anonymous social media targeted at discussing a specific topic (football) and places like FB, IG, and all the other garbage where it’s a life measuring contest
  4. For sure, it's just the evolution of the concept.
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  5. This.
  6. Watched it a while back. Very meh. I guess if you don't understand how much of our privacy we willfully gave up with smart devices this could be of interest but, for the most part, it only further proves what we've known for a long time.
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  7. I’m watching The Queen’s Gambit and really enjoying it. #nerdfun
  8. What's Twitter?
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  9. True. The bigger takeaways for me were the things related to health and well being. I think many of us understood that as well but the way it's presented was eye opening to me even as someone who absolutely hates all of this stuff and the impact it has on society, especially young people.
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  10. I mostly use it to see half naked chicks
  11. Smith & Wesson protects my privacy.
  12. I heard you can see fully naked chicks
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  13. agree on the issue of privacy with smart devices especially after talking with our daughter who worked for a start up in chicago as well as taking some classes for work on data analytics

    the firm our daughter worked for was very unabashed about what they did with data on their clients and the fact it was used to generate additional revenue

    biggest thing to me on this documentary as others indicated was the mental health aspect
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  14. Not on Insta, FB, but on Twitter, yes. Twitter doesn’t give a flip!
  15. Social Media has destroyed the civility in our society. That's why there is so much anger.
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  16. People also don’t realize that when you used to run your mouth, it would get checked real fast back in the day. IF they managed to squeeze through they were lucky or born rich.
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  17. People have destroyed civility. Social media is merely the conduit.
  18. I do believe that social media has had. a negative impact on mental health. There are people that get all their social interaction via these apps and it is not healthy.
  19. You’re going to shoot a bot that’s stealing your identity from Latvia? I know you’re a badass but not sure how that will be pulled off.
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  20. From TX, if you aim really high while taking into account the wind, the curvature and rotation of the earth, as well as the air speed of a coconut laden swallow you may be able to kill some one in Latvia with a perfect shot.
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