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OT: Jug is back baby!

The TCU Football Jerk

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Jug!! Awesome!!

I just signed up with Shell Energy for power.

I just switched to Verizon 5G Home internet. It works great. $25/month if you're a Verizon customer. I get 300mbps. I had att U-verse DSL (no fiber in my area). I was getting 25mbps for $80/month. Att sucks!

My att fiber optic rocks

The TCU Football Jerk

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If you want great Mexican food, go to Joe Ts!

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Meh, not really. Joe T's is for the atmosphere and margaritas. Their food is just so so.

Deep Purple

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Please, not anymore than any other cleaners
You might do some comparison pricing. Kell's really is one of the most expensive. I patronized the one off of Hulen for a while because it was so close to the office. Gave it up because the high prices were bleeding me dry. They also lost one of my shirts and basically told me "Tough luck."

Admittedly, this was like 20 years ago. May be much improved now.