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OT - if you could own/control one sports team/entity

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Oh yes, understood. I was talking about 50 years ago.
  2. We should hold that truth to be self-evident
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  3. Dallas Cowboys. Anything else would be a distant second.
  4. Baylor. So I could burn it to the ground.
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  5. The Miami Dolphins, everyone else is a distant second!!
  6. Sorry, I only answer in 3’s
  7. It’s easy for me, either the Rangers or Chelsea. The Dallas Stars are creeping up there too.
  8. [​IMG]+

    Give me the Mercedes F1 team, partying around the world every week in some exotic location, and winning every race that they enter..
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  9. This would be cool. Sadly, they and the current rules are killing F1 (sigh)...
  10. i never understood the thought that a dominant team is killing f1 when there have been a series of dominant teams be it red bull or ferrari over the last 20 years.

    i agree on the never ending changing of the rules and i do think they need to allow racing in the manner we saw at silverton from leclrec and max.

    when you are talking about money and resources you are talking about three teams and one is better in damn near every phase be it driver, car, teams, etc....

    mercedes isn't to blame for red bull's issues or ferrari's continued terrible in race strategic decisions and building a car that is fast on the straights and losses ground in the curves. not like they are running on courses they have ever seen before and that they know will have a series of corners and turns.
  11. where is that Boy would I gif when we need it.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. thank you....makes my day.
  14. Am I taking control of said entity with my current level of funds? Or am I Jerry Jones or a Gulf State Petro Zillionaire? Assuming money is no issue...

    1. Arsenal Football Club. Man City's outlays would look like peanuts when I am done. Might even buy ManU just to run them into the Conference.

    2. Waco Institute of Rape. The full rape report would be released. Every building would be razed and burned to the ground. A lake wold be built in it's place. The Hellmouth would then be sealed, once and for all. I'd retain the IP rights so no baptist loony could ever resurrect said institution.

    3. Cleveland Indians. As sabermetrics have come to dominate the Great Game, it's increasingly hard to "buy" a championship. That said, as a long-suffering Tribe fan, no expense would be spared to build an organization that will bring a WS or ten to The Land.
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  15. Obviously Jerry’s money otherwise we could only afford The Bad News Bears haha.

    The Cleveland Indians?? You’d have to live in Cleveland then....or would you be like Kroenke and never go to games ha.
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  16. I'd fly in very much on the regular. Not once a decade like "the owner who shall not be mentioned."
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