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OT - if you could own/control one sports team/entity

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Which would it be and or why? I realize a ton of people will say the Cowboys most likely so NFL-wise, I’d control both the Texans and Titans, end the Titans, and rebrand the Texans the Oilers again complete with the colors, logo, and uniform.

    I’m more international with my wishes of this topic so my main want would be maybe Arsenal in the English premier league. With the despicable human being Kroenke in charge, that’s all the reason I need.

    Per organization wise I think I’d like to somehow control FIFA or the IOC. Both need some serious house cleaning but both would be really cool to control. International travel and sports all in one with those two.
  2. I’m not greedy...Give me an organization and fan base with low expectations..Like the Tampa Bay Bucs...
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  3. Ha! Hadn’t thought of it that way, good idea.
  4. I'd be the T Boone Pickens of TCU athletics. Altho I'd figure out how to pay recruits like Aggy
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  5. The Austin Acoustics. Done. End thread.

    EDIT: No...don't end thread. Dare Chongo to post pics.
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  6. Will Pernille Blume suffice?

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  7. The expansion Fort Worth [x].
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  8. I'd like to own the Rangers and give JD a blank check.
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  9. I’d like to run Fort Worth ULL so I can tell that one coach to hit the road. He knows who he is. Shiphead.
  10. Laughed out loud at this.
  11. I think I might choose to control the Mount Vernon High School athletic program.
  12. The Cowboys, probably. I’d love to care about them again. And get rid of Jerry. Which is really the same thing. Rangers and Tottenham tied for second.
  13. Thought it was a girl band. Had to check.


  14. Holy Smokes...do you work for Maxim International or something like that? Never heard of half the ladies you post and yet you appear to have a endless supply of talent. So yes, I'd like to change my answer to the Danish Swim Team.
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  15. Ha I wish! Hence why I would like to control the IOC or something.
  16. First action?
  17. I'm going to guess that the LL is for Little League. Spent 4 years there many moons ago and I knew the guy that ran it very well.
  18. Not the people that run it. Just one coach.
  19. Tottenham? Get a rope! o_O
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  20. The South St. Louis Wombats, Water Polo Club and Roofing Company

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