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OT - Favorite Alcoholic Beverage


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Alright, what's your favorite beer, spirit, or cocktail?

Currently on a Ranch Water kick.
2oz Gran Centario Anejo
Juice of One Lime
Topped off with Topo Chico


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Box Chardonnay on the rocks in a red solo cup.
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Tequila. Love Casamigos Reposado. Don Julio also.

I do really like gin cocktails too. So many gins too many too list.

I mostly drink wine. Rose during warm months.
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I love wine with food.

Beer - Fuller‘s ESB ale or Guinness stout, but it is almost impossible to find Fuller’s now with all the domestic choices, much of it crap. Fuller’s ESB is a classic ale and Guinness the classic stout for good reason - they are smooth, balanced and dang good. Heck, it isn’t easy to find a good ale now; they seem to have been kicked to the curb in this mess of domestic IPA and flavored beers. Why people want chocolate in their beer is beyond me. I walked into a liquor store recently and asked for Belgian or Belgian-style ales and she didn’t know what I was talking about.

Evening cocktail - Boodles gin martini (Boodles because it is smooth)

I love a very refreshing Tanqueray gin and tonic when I am hot and thirsty. Tanqueray has a good sharp bite which works great with tonic and lime.

If having Tex-Mex/Mexican food, then I love a smoky mescal in the margarita. Margaritas often or usually disappoint, but if properly done with a smoky mescal they are very tasty.

That being said, I rarely have an alcoholic drink anymore because I have had too much in my days and it is a toxin and I want to protect the health of my brain. But I drink Guinness 0 (which tastes nearly the same) and Clausthaler Dry Hopped non-alcoholic beer. @Armadillo - a lot of IPA’s are available. Non-alcoholic beers have come a long way; a big growth market for beer makers so they are on it. Europe was 10 years ahead of us in going non-alcoholic.
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