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OT: Corona vaccination and fashion

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froginbedford, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. Got my vaccination at Arlington esports stadium last Friday as part of Phase 1B...about 1:20:00 total time from lining up to leaving the building.....A surprising observation....Apparently, when we reach 60 or 65 y/o, we lose all sense of style....I've never seen in one place so many uncoordinated colored clothes...stripes and plaids together, Tshirts and sweat shirts with catch phrases from 2010 and earlier....Not making fun of the many who were on walkers or in wheelchairs (thankfully I shuffed in under my own power even though the sciatica decided to revisit that day at that time)....One wheelchaired gentlemen wore a TCU cap and as the waiting line snaked around and we made eye contact, I riff-rammed him and he threw up the hand sign....
  2. all great and fine, but the real question is did you see anyone wearing a black tcu jacket?
  3. Once you get to a certain age, I imagine you just say "screw it I wanna be comfortable". High waist sweatpants and a 2008 SanDiego County Credit Union Poinsettia TCU hoodie? With New Balances, of course? Sounds awesome to me.
  4. They have those?!?
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  5. Nope....They don't exist....
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  6. You know at a certain age cool isn’t worth worrying about, you figure you are just invisible to most people, so yeah, just be as comfortable as you can with all the decades of wear and tear on you.
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  7. ^^^^^


    After following dress rules for a full career, us oldsters couldn't give a flying flip what others might think of our "retiree comfortable" garb.
  8. Wore a tie every day of 41 years of teaching school....I've worn one to three funerals since 2015....
  9. Got my vacc last Friday. Stood in line outside for approx 1:45. In the cold. This week there should be around 400 seniors with pneumonia. Good planning...
  10. I now have to watch a YouTube tutorial to remind me how to tie a tie!
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  11. One very, very nice thing about moving to The Country is a starched Oxford and ironed jeans, along with a nice belt and boots are sufficient formalwear for all occasions.

    At any other time, my ratty shorts, t-shirt, and well worn Teva sandals are fine.
  12. son was in a wedding a few years back in which the bride and her sister just prior to pictures handed out to all the groomsmen bow ties that had to be tied the two had fun at some store weeks before

    their logic was that after watching a video on line they would be able to tie them and all would be great for the pictures

    we get to the wedding and find out the start time has been backed up 30 minutes because pictures were delay almost two hours. real bow ties, online videos, and whiskey in groomsmen's flasks apparently isn't a good combination
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  13. Wow. I really, really misunderstood the thread title.

    I thought there was a shot so I could drink all the Coronas I want with no resulting bad effects.
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  14. While I was at TCU, I worked at a wedding where I was wearing basically a clip on bowtie, and one of the groomsmen showed up late with a real bow tie and asked if we could switch because he couldn't figure out how to put it on. I said sure, and went out to my car to get my spare. I have never learned how to tie an actual bow tie, but that bow tie is still in my closet.
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  15. The real hold up comes because the older men had on underwear t shirts, flannel shirt over that, sweater over that, heavy coat over that, and they arrived at the "get the shot" station and had to start finding a way to bare their upper arm. Should have had funny home videos there.
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  16. I prided myself on being able to adequately tie a bowtie, although it always looked "just adequate". I was talking to a groomsman who was sporting a tie with a similar appearance to mine. I said, " I see you tied your own tie", he said actually it was a clip on created by Tom Ford, that looks like it was tied by a rookie. Genius!
    The best thing about having on a tie yourself bowtie is when you take it apart and wear it around your collar mid party, then you can say"look at me....I tied my own tie!"
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  17. At retirement I signed on with a little not-for-profit publishing company where I'd been on the Board for 20 years. There IS a dress code but they sort of look the other way when el viejo vaquero is in the building. So I get to wear my boots (polished and the horse dookey scraped off) and a western shirt with a wild rag or maybe a tie if there's a big meeting and usually my good denim britches. And of course my felt hat. I look sorta out of place at work and at city church service but at three-quarters of a century I've pert'near given up on "fitting in" with most of the world. I figure, me and the world both are just better off this way.
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  19. Just like our Big East golf shirts, shoulda got them on day one but nooooo I thought I’ll get it later. Too slow dude....

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