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OT - Colonial GC


Recycling a golf thread for today's final of the Memorial Tourny.
Scottie wins another! It was a nail-biter as he was +2 today. He won by 1 stroke.
Almost $1.7 million. Not bad.


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That's what I get for believing Twitter.
It’s a “signature “ series event so the purse is $20 mil and the winner gets $4 mil

That is the issue with Colonial - we can never be a signature based on being wedged between PGA, Memorial and the US Open

So our purse is a lot lower and the winner gets below $2 mil

A lot of the best will skip Colonial to get some time off in the 5-6 week run

We have benefited from Jordan and Scottie being from DFW but the hottest guys won’t always be Texans