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OT - Can't get a drink, best place to grab eats?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by GenXFrog, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. Nothing will survive
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  2. You had to be especially young looking. Before new owners came in, they weren't exactly known for their tight security.
  4. I agree with you, the issue is being able to buy meat. I struck out 3 times in a row. HEB, Costco, and Kroger. I was able to buy sausage and bacon. No ground meat, chicken or pork. There was one package of shoulder blade chops priced higher than pork loin at Kroger.
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  5. I went to Winco and sprouts last Saturday and both had everything. Sprouts wasn’t even crowded.
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  6. Accidentally left the garage freezer open. Venison is all thawed out. Fml.
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  7. chili for days! Better start cooking.

    edit, and just for the record, I literally duct tape my garage freezer closed when it’s full like that. #NoChances
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  8. Received e-mail today - Saint Emilion and Paris 7th are starting curbside (and limited delivery) service.

    Saint Emilion is near and dear to me. My first date with my wife was to Shakespeare in the Park, when it used to be in Forrest Park. The first date meal was a picnic basket prepared by Saint-Emilion.

    Totally worked. There is no other explanation for why she kept dating so far below her league, let alone married me.


    To keep some of our employees busy and earning a paycheck, Saint-Emilion and Paris 7th are starting a take out service. We are new at this so the details will emerge in the next few days as we communicate with customers and understand how to make it better. We could possibly offer delivery in our 76107 zip code.
    The restaurants will share the proceeds of take out sales with all the employees and everyone is doing as much as possible to make it a successful endeavor.
    We thank you for your support over the years and hopefully we'll all survive these difficult times and emerge with a greater appreciation of life and each other.
    Meanwhile, below is the menu we are starting with.

    Take Out and Delivery Menu
    817 489-5300
    Pick up address:
    3324 West 7th Street 76107 (Paris 7th)

    Onion Soup / Pint 15.50
    Soup of the Day / Pint
    Belgian Endive Salad 9.50
    with pear, Roquefort dressing
    Terrine de Foie Gras, 2 slices 19.50
    chef-made duck liver terrine
    Cape Cod Sea Scallops 13.50
    preparation varies
    Escargots Bourguignonne 10.50
    garlic butter, puffed pastry shell
    Cheese Board 14.50
    4 interesting cheeses with fruits and nuts
    Saucisson and Olives 5.50
    French salami, Cerignola olives
    Terrine de Campagne 7.50
    a nice slice of today's pâté
    Portabello aux Fromages 7.50
    baked portabello with cheeses
    and balsamic-fig glaze
    Salade de Betteraves 8.50
    red and golden beets, gorgonzola
    apple and candied pecans
    French Baguette & Butter 2.00

    ROASTED DUCK 27.50
    sauce cassis, half a bird
    braised in red wine with bacon, mushrooms, carrots, pearl onion
    sauce au poivre
    POISSON du JOUR 19.50
    today's fresh fish in a classic French preparati
    6 chops, grilled, olives, dried plums
    whole roasted chicken with spices, tagine style, feeds at least two
    COQ AU VIN, generous portion 20.50
    chicken thighs braised in red wine with bacon, mushrooms, carrots, pearl onion
    BLACK ANGUS RIBEYE, 16oz 39.50
    blue cheese crust
    French ham and gruyère sandwich on brioche bread

    Main courses will have vegetables and starch.
    Tarte Tatin 10.50 / 2 portions of "upside down" apple tart
    Crèmes Caramel (2) 10.50
    Mousse au Chocolat / Pint 14.50

    We are available for caterings and private events.
    See you at the front door!
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  9. Made up. All of it. Every. Single. Word.
  10. I'll pass on the Poison of the day thank you.
  11. Shockingly we have higher standards for the president of the US then a guy in TX who doesn’t like whataburger.
  12. Mrs. Brewingfrog (before she was Mrs. Brewingfrog) and I used to frequent Shakespeare in the Park! Sadly, after they went pay, we sort of left it alone. Work, moving, etc. If memory serves, the last free season featured Henry IV (Parts 1 and 2) and Merry Wives of Windsor. The Festival Director played Jack Falstaff and was a very busy fellow...
  13. Since the virus did originate in China or least that is the thought, it is worth noting that.

    It is known that the Chinese govt takes out ads in some major US papers such as the Times and WAPO.
  14. I wasn’t. I just had the old ID with under 21 still stamped on it. He told me I had changed my birthday somehow. I said, “if I was going to use a fake ID, do you really think I’d have one with “Under 21” stamped on it”

    My hangout was the Flying Saucer. I never went back to The Pub
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