OT - big fire in Aledo

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Big fire somewhere north of 20 in Aledo/Willow Park area. Kinda near the Brookshire's. Smoke is visible for miles.

    Anyone know what's burning? It's not a controlled burn by the way, saw fire services rushing to the scene.
  2. Just saw it from my backyard. It is so big I didn’t think it was smoke. With this wind, it could be trouble.
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  3. There was one up north as well in Flower Mound
  4. Yeah it looks like a serious burn and it was burning a good while before I even posted the thread.
  5. Homeowners in the area oughta go full mongo on their yard sprinklers.
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  6. Damn. @RollToad, anywhere near this...will you need to leave? Be safe man!
  7. Nah I’m south of 20, just past where 1187 splits off from FM 5. Thankfully.
  8. Good deal.
    Friend just drove kinda near it and posted some vids on snap, could only see smoke, but it seems to be a BIG fire.
  9. Fiiiiire!!!!

    That is a huge grass fire. Hope it gets controlled.
  10. View from Sid Rich

  11. i20 and i30 are shut down on 820

    West frog fans better leave now for the game!!!
  12. Tried to leave Aledo via the freeway and had to turn around and take a back way. I’m not sure I’ll even be able to get back home.
  13. You were heading east? Did you take Aledo Rd?
  14. I'm assuming ranch house road at Brookshire's is shut down?...can't even make it to 1187 then?
  15. No I had to take 1187 back down through town and turn by the middle school to take Aledo/Iona Rd to Markum Ranch Rd and get on 20 from there. But the way the fire is spreading I’m not sure I can take that route back home. And school is about to let out. This is nuts.
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  16. Yep.
  17. Morningstar and Walsh are being evacuated. Walsh and McCall elementary have been evacuated. The last pics I saw showed the flames very close to Walsh. 20 closed in both directions.

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