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OT - best steakhouse in FW?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by froginmn, May 20, 2019.

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    I'm traveling to Texas for a friend's 50th and it just so happens that mine is the same weekend. I'll be in FW for mine so want to go out for steak.

    Curious about opinions as to the best steakhouse in FW. Given the occasion, cost isn't really an issue.

    What say you?
  2. Del Frisco’s. /thread
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  3. Hoffbrau
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  4. Del Frisco's

    DO NOT go to Capital Grille. Absolutely awful.
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  5. Del Frisco's without a doubt.
  6. Golden Corral all you can eat steak, or if you're feeling like you want a local neighborhood spot you're always welcome at Applebee's

    But seriously, Del Frisco's
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  7. Del Frisco's, B&B Steakhouse, Capital Grille--regardless of what maniac says
  8. Del Friscos or Eddie V's. This is Colonial week. Del Friscos will be hard to get in.
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  9. Grandy’s
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  10. They closed the one on the westside...I cried.
  11. The one on Alta Mere closed?
  12. Amazing quality for a relatively low price at Hofbrau's, and it sure is convenient!
  13. B&B in Houston is amazing...Can’t imagine the FtWorth location would be any different
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  14. Clay Pigeon or Reata

    I have given Del Frisco’s so many chances and I’m not a fan I am in the minority I know.

    Haven’t been to B&B
  15. List:

    Del Frisco’s
    Ruth Chris
    Bob’s Steak and Chop House
    Mercury Chop House
    Capital Grill
    B & B
    Silver Fox
    Lonesome Dove

    Lonesome Dove and Reatta are western style bistro’s that will have a steak or two on the menu.

    For me, Del Frisco’s is the traditional standard. But, you will get a good steak at any of the places listed above.
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  16. I am with for an affordable steak. I also like Texas Roadhouse for an affordable steak, the one pick at the meat counter for them to cook.

    But, I don’t eat steak out that much because I grill prime cuts at home over hardwood at a fraction of the cost that will stand up to most high end steakhouses. When I typically eat at a steakhouse, it is because I am being treated by a friend or business function.
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  17. At what temp? Do you cover the pit while cooking? How close are the coals to the steak? All mistakes I seem to make.
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  18. The Rig.

    But seriously, Del Frisco’s

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