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OT: Best Inexpensive Restaurants in FTW

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frozen Frog, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Fort Brewery.
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  2. Presbyterian Night Shelter
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  3. You’re on fire this morning. Must be a really good hangover or you’re already drinking.
  4. Woke up at 4:30 and am on coffee pot #2. Might be a two-nap day if I’m gonna make it to kickoff at 6.
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  5. I’m missing the college game tonight because of one of those can’t turn down for business reasons invites to Cowboys preseason game. Thankfully I’m not paying for any of it.
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  6. Montgomery Street Cafe (good Breakfast) - closes at 2:00
    Aventino’s (good Italian) family owned and personal friends
    Snooze (great for breakfast and good drinks)

    All very reasonably priced
  7. Montgomery st was definitely in my rotation in college
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  8. Pulido's? You know their meat is literally dog [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ], right? I used to work with a girl who is part of the family and she had that crap catered all the time. It's so disgusting.
  9. Got food poisoning at the Tavern (only time in my life). Will never go back.
  10. Cracker Barrel...Waco’s finest dining
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and [Baylor asshoe]
  11. If you are trying to show variety you might want to hit one of the many Pho houses around town. The one by Central Market is reliable, as is the one across from the mall on Hulen. But if you want the, "experience," as well as good product, My Lan in Haltom City is the best combination of "authentic," and "sanitary," in Haltom. :) It's on Beach just north of Belknap, in a strip center next to a Pep Boys.
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  12. That’s a shame you got sick. It’s owned by the same group or person that owns Pacific Table, another good restaurant. I had a few drinks one night with the executive chef at B&B, and I asked what other places he liked in FW. The Tavern was his first mention.
  13. Star Cafe in the stockyards:
    $3 beers and damn good steaks. Every meal is less than $20 per person

    Daybreak cafe on White settlement: great breakfast and cheap as hell
  14. It is spelled faux. I think it’s French or German or something. I make that mistake all of the time.
  15. Our Place is terrific home cooking. They also have a Mansfield location.
  16. I always knew you were a smart guy. That's also my go to order along with the chips and queso.

    Their shrimp quesadilla is also terrific when I want to change it up a little.
  17. "Faux" is French for "false," or "fake"....Restaurants' names are spelled "Pho"....Don't know what it means in Vietnamese....
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  18. I believe you have the pronunciation a little off... They say it with a soft "u" sound. I know because I've been to a bunch of different places and I always ask the waiter, "What's the best thing you little peckers have in this joint?" Then they say it's the bar-b-que, which they don' t even advertise. Weird, right? But for sure, 100% of the time, they say, "Pho-Q, sir." And then they bring me shrimp.
  19. Do Bedford and Billy Clyde even know me at all?
  20. Billy Oaks. Flying Fish and Rodeo Goat with 2 for 1 FrogSaver. High hopes for BBQ on Brazos on 377 circle when they open in a few weeks. Was awesome in Cresson.

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