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OT: Best Inexpensive Restaurants in FTW

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frozen Frog, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. To be fair to Billy Clyde, the pronunciation of the actual dish doesn’t really mesh with your joke. I think he understood the joke, he was just making a comment on the pronunciation.

    Bedford on the other hand
  2. I do like M&M steakhouse. With the right people in there, it can be dinner and a show!
  3. Faux houses are common on movie sets.
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  4. You failed to recognize the subtle distinction between not getting a joke, and flogging it to death.
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  5. Don’t know if it even has a name but that burrito/taco stand in Cresson has fantastic breakfast burritos. Find it hard to drive through in the morning without stopping. If the train is there...100% chance I’m getting a $4 burrito.
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  6. I think it’s called Max’s Kitchen. But I could be way wrong.
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  7. Faux sho.
  8. Never metcha...(pronunciated "met"-"cha")
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  9. Daybreak Cafe White Settlement for breakfast and Prima's Pasta on Hulen (it's BYOB) for dinner.
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  10. It is Vietnamese and pronounced FU. It is spelled PHO. Don’t bring that uneducated stuff in here!
  11. Liked for Daybreak.
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  12. You people sure do like to stuff your faces a lot. Must be fat.

    One thread you'll never see on here is one asking about gyms or favorite workouts.
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  13. Weren't they in your 12 step group?
  14. Seconded
  15. Last weekend when I was in Funkytown I had some steak nachos with guacamole and black beans added at fuzzy’s on race streets that I would easily eat on the regular if I lived nearby. Also had pizza at new Buffalo bros dtown, and a Big Cat sandwich at Heim. All good affordable meals.
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  16. Pho-reelz, I lol'd. I love you, man. And you suck.

    PS, Am I doing this right?
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  17. HorsehoeHill. Best chicken fried steak in tiwn
  18. I'm glad to read that. I almost went there Friday. Will go for lunch this week. Just a nine minute walk from my office.
  19. The clear winner is Dutch’s. Great burgers and you can’t display the greatness of Fort Worth without seeing TCU campus.

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