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OT — Puppy Coming Soon

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. Good morning

    for the first time in years the Steel household will once again heat the putter pat of little feet.

    We don’t want to crate the little guy.

    he will mostly not be alone so biggest concern is nighttime.

    any suggestions for how to minimize the peeing in house at night? Should we get one of those pee Mats?

    garces in advance
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  2. I know you don’t want to crate, but containment is key. We just went through this, and our pup has adapted to sleeping in one of these and now runs to it when we’re headed for bed. We also use small treats to entice him. No issues with peeing in the house.

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  3. Train him. Seriously, using a crate to train is the best way. He won't pee in his crate. So you keep him in the crate (or a small pen, if you won't do a kennel) and then take him outside when you want him to pee. If he goes, bring him inside and play with him. If he doesn't, put him back in the crate. Take him out of the crate and go directly outside, repeating until he pees. If you do this consistently, it won't take long to train. At night, don't let him drink much later in the day, and take him out at bedtime, making sure he pees.

    When you're tending to him closely, he can be out. When you're not watching him, put him in the crate/pen. Again, he won't pee in his confined space because he has to live there.

    Dogs like enclosed spaces, but we can't seem to get our heads around that and think it's "mean" to kennel them. They like to burrow.

    And once he's trained, you can put away the crate for good.

    Good luck and post pictures!
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  4. No water before bed and make it a habit of taking him out before bed and praising him when he performs.

    My wife does the same for me...
  5. I say let it pee where ever and when ever it wants.
    A little bit of dog piss is not going to be noticed in Steel's house.
  6. Timely post...Have a puppy incoming today and had the same questions.
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  7. Works for kids too!
  8. Anything else would be animal cruelty.
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  9. Just let the puppy sleep on the bed with you.

    100% guarantee there won't be any puddles or mistakes to clean up on the floor in the morning.
  10. @froginmn is spot on.

    We have one of the most spoiled labs to ever live. She now roams the house freely without issue and sleeps in bed with us every night, but crate training her as a puppy was crucial. I’ve never once heard a compelling reason not to crate train a dog. If done correctly, puppies love their crate. It’s a safe and confined space that they get all to themselves. It’s mutually beneficial to both the owner and the dog.
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  11. That's spot on. Another thing that we did was progressively make the area our pup was allowed to stay in as he progressed in training. Went from crate to pen to small room to half house to full house. Even after getting full reign of the house, our dog chooses two spot to lay around.
  12. Ha. Didn't even see the "spot on" comment before posting.
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  13. and lawyers
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  14. Watch YouTube videos about training your puppy
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  15. Steel's post reminds me of the joke with the inimitable punch line:

    "Daddy, turn her over. I want puppies!"
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  16. We always locked our dogs in the kitchen growing up with puppy pads and their beds. We had a a large kitchen with dining area and hard woods so it made perfect sense. The dogs stayed in there at night and whenever we weren’t home their whole lives and were happy to be in there. I never liked the idea of letting dogs lay all over your nice furniture in the living room while you’re not home.
  17. Picture?
  18. Puppy crating pro tip...aka lesson learned the hard way: is

    Don’t put the crate next to any walls or furniture you don’t want damaged.

    Puppies have a longer clawing radius than you might think.
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    Haha. Good advice. We had another dog over and put the two in a pen on the hardwood floor when we ran an errand. They were both trained but we didn't want them roaming the house.

    We got home and were greeted at the door by one. They had dragged the pen across the floor to the stairs, where they went under the wall of the pen.
  20. I had a lab once that liked to swim, I mean all the time. Well I got the bright idea to put the doggie door close to the pool. Every day till I trained her to stop, she would sit on the pool steps most of the day. Then come in and lay down on my bed. What a mess and the wife was none to happy. I liked to remind her that the chocolate one was her favorite one and thus her fault.

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