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Oklahoma Press Conference

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by don, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Coming soon.

    Lasagna, grilled veggies, salad, cookies.
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  2. 2 games remain.

    As usual, have hands full. normal OU team, very athletic. have to get ready to play.

    Lincoln? Had our number the last couple of years. We have allowed too many big plays. Mainly you have to tackle.

    What makes OU tough to defend? Athletes. Keep you spread out. new DC, watched him at Wash St, used some of his ideas vs Oregon. Very similar.

    Preparing for Hurts running? Very similar to Duffy. He's more built.
  3. Fast start on O last week? Have to start faster both sides of ball.

    What did Baylor do to get lead? ran QB draw a lot. OU adjusted.

    Appeal Gladney? you can. how much time do you have to prepare for OU.

    Teaching moment? stay low. can't say much about it.

    Will find out about secondary playing the best.

    Win last week make it easier to decide if Colt will play? Colt will play.

    Still LB by committee? Yes, Wyatt played ok. you could see all 3 freshmen on saturday.

    Austin Myers - think he is cleared. Have to give Chris Thomsen some credit. We were playing with our 4th right tackle.
  4. 8 or 9 redshirt freshmen on field vs Tech on D. makes it interesting. they have done good. we have a chance to win game 6 and possibly game 7. stay the course.

    2019 class? met expectations? some yes, some no. we have found a way to stop people. DT, Wallow played well. Every week started a different corner.

    Game planning in high school, not as much time to prepare. you have to learn how to concentrate. How do you get them to move forward. Off week before KSt, played better and saw it happen on field.

    Barber? 2 good games. Games like Baylor, not noticeable. Need to be consistent and stay healthy.

    Stephens? not good vs Baylor. big catch on 3rd down. he and T Hunt, will keep growing.

    Playing Coker? see how it goes.

    Downing backup or Baldwin getting ready? - still getting him physically ready to go.

    Kelton? he's a guy that people respect, more off the field. at end of day, that's what you want to accomplish
  5. Raegan Pebley - Maggie Dixon Classic and Coach Jamie Dixon.

    RP - excited to be here. Dixon classic coming up, very important to us to continue the legacy. Passion she had in serving student athletes. Wasn't afraid of competition. Bring awareness to heart health. Not just a men's disease. We are playing Boise, A&M will play Fla St. People are coming to us to be a part of it.

    I am proud and humbled to be part of this event with Jamie's and family support.

    Kudos to TCU school of medicine on education side.

    JD - I remember when Raegan called and wanted to move it to FW. She had all these ideas. The Garden was great. I think we can get people involved. She has gotten the opponents. School Of Medicine. The timing and location was perfect. It was premier event in country.

    Maggie - She loved women's basketball. she loved the challenge. bring excitement. she loved the life and people she touched.

    RP - relationship with Jamie? We share similar whys as to why we coach. WE seek each others guidance. our kids go to school together. we have a passion to make FW more of a basketball town. Makes sense to collaborate together. Common respect extends to players of both teams.

    RP - How fired up as a team? I am excited to play Boise, #31 in RPI last year. Top center returning. Being a former MWC coach, excited to compete. Players know they are a great team. We are playing at Army prior to this. We will be touring.

    JD - Nursing and Med schools involved with tables. Foundations. something to see between games. Bringing awareness.
  6. Watched..the presser..GP didn't seem in that good of a mood today.
  7. So we win?
  8. Good.
  9. I think you mean COOKIES...
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  10. Yes!!!
  11. gets harder to win if you can't keep your guys on the field.
  12. Everytime I see cookies at an event I always think of @tcumaniac and the infamous Penis Cookie Affair.
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  13. Not this?

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  14. I think I would ask someone to shoot me if I was ever involved something like that.
  15. I've been studying film, and I've noticed that you also have to tackle the guy with the ball--preferably before he's gone any yards.
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  16. Riley must have sent him a message to go pick out the switch he is going to spank him with.
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  17. you can't spell cookies without okie
  18. The only redeeming part of that video is at the 28 second mark... Lady in blue saves it for me ;-)
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. I didn’t see Wormser or Booger.
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