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Okie State Pokes @ TCU Prediction Thread


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Predick. Giggle.
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On the opening kickoff, the Pokes pin TCU back at their own 5 yardline. After three failed fade routes, TCU attempts to punt it out of their own end zone but the snap sails over Sandy's head for a safety. In the ensuing next seventeen possessions, there are seventeen turnovers before the end of the 3rd quarter. The BigXII refs decide to allow both teams to staple a ball to their respective running backs' hands. Frogs drive down to the Pokes' 1 yard line, then in a desperate move, they throw Demarcado over the crossbar for a field goal to seal the victory.

And scene.

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OSU is a grinder team, controlling the ball with a 50/50 run & short passing game. Our D has to slow them down by winning 3rd downs.
TCU RB rushing will be persistent, but limited. If we win, it will be because Max had another special game both throwing & running. I think Max gets it. TCU 42-34.

- Since joining the B12, TCU is 3-1 at home Vs. OSU. Saturday’s sold out home crowd will be worth > 3 points.