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Okie State Pokes @ TCU Prediction Thread

Ok, I'll start this off.

Gimme the score, which TCU players scores first, and the total yards rushing for Miller

TCU: 45 - Fighting Mike "I'm 40" Gundys: 35
Duggan (rushing TD)
Miller: 114 yards


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We: 55
They: 48
Miller 88 yards
DeMercado scores first and has 138 yards
Sonny and Gundy come to blows at midfield over the officiating and because Sonny says HE’s a man.


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I like the confidence!

I have a low level of confidence in my pick — I could see this game going many different ways. But they’re pretty banged up, and this team seems to play better at home. Give me Frogs by 10. Let’s say 48-38.

Toad Jones

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Predicted the last 3 games but this I'm not feeling it. Do predick a very physical game, maybe a fight ..hope we get a fair game called and the refs start calling some of the 100's of holding's/grab plays that the refs don't care about. Whoever wins this game is the team that has held the ball the longest. Not high scoring game


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Frogs 45
Fightin' Gundy's 40 (Get it?)
Savion catches our first TD
Kendre rolls for I35 (Get it? I-35? Back home for the Pokes fans?)


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TCU 17
Fighter Mullets 66

Miller gets 45 yards

After tweaking all their issues on defense against Tech and Central Michigan, OSU improves on the romp from last year. OSU capitalizes on stopping our run game and our defense forgets how to tackle. Jamoi Hodge helps Sanders score by accidentally pushing him from behind and into the end zone.