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  1. Im trying to buy tickets for OSU through TCU but the website is failing me. Can someone please tell me what section we have in Stillwater?
  2. I'm anxious to hear your report after the game. The Princess and I would like to make the rounds of Big 12 away games and we've not been to a game in Stillwater
  3. Good atmosphere, not great, and the stadium ranks among the best Arena Football venues in the country.
  4. OSU usually splits the visitors in high NE corner and SW corners. Disagree with 1999. It's a great stadium atmosphere inside and out. Tailgates a very friendly towards visitors. Go to the student union bldg and lounge around. You can visit with the old OSU's there. After game try the strip. The Penny is a great college bar. Gotta go to Eskimo Joe's; don't care what the Okies on here say about it.
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  5. Been there all three darning times for every single miserable loss.

    Don't plan on going back this year. Need to change up the mojo.

    Fans are typically pretty nice and welcoming. Hate, hate, hate the away section though. Miserable location to watch the game. I've always been in section 228 or 334, and you can't see for [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]. Can't see the scoreboard either.

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  7. Stillwater's a fantastic town on game day. It's hells toilet the other 6 days...
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  8. Like maniac, I've been there all three games and won't be going back for awhile as we haven't played well there. Hoping for a big Frog win this year and I encourage you to make the trek. Fans for the most part are very friendly, every school has their share of pricks as we encountered some on the way into the stadium last time there. Despite that, I've always enjoyed my time there.

    Tailgating scene is great. There are tents right up next to the stadium on certain areas.

    You'll see an interesting layout of the stands relative to the field. There is barely any sideline. Fans are right on top of the players/field. You'll get tired of hearing the boat ores slamming against the padded walls and their fight song darning lasts forever. Hopefully our D doesn't give them an opportunity to sing it.

    Visitor section sucks because it feels like your pushed up against the wall, but that's to be expected. Try to sit higher up and it'll offer you a better angle/vantage point to the field.

    Tourist spot is Eskimo Joes. Excellent cheese fries. Hideaways Pizza is really good. We always went to Outlaws bar after the games, but it's kind of a homer bar. We had OSU friends so that's where we ended up. And there aren't a ton of options but they're pretty close together for the most part.

    Just do it! Can't have enough purple up there.
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  9. One Okie here to comment on Joe’s.

    At one time it was the coolest place there was. A true college town bar with no dance floor or wasted space, just drunk college kids wall to wall. When I was in school, there was a bar just up the road where you went to see and be seen, Joe’s was where the trouble makers went. I was in a fraternity, and not exactly antiestablishment, but I knew immediately I was at home when I went to Joe’s. Other bars were playing the same tired, top 40 music and Joe’s was playing Muddy Waters, Grateful Dead, Beatles… just different stuff to a sheltered kid who didn’t yet know good music. By the end of the night the tables and chairs were the dance floor, led by the owner who never met a stranger.

    Now it’s little kids with balloons and chocolate malts, especially on game day. Stan cashed in / sold out, I applaud him for doing so and I’m glad he’s doing so well. It’s still got a little of the old Joe’s in it at times, but it was something fleeting that really was worthy of the attention it now gets. And yes the peppered bacon cheese fries are great.

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