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Offensive Numbers of Interest 2018

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by GetToTheQB, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. In the 5 game stretch that Collins was handed the keys. (OU through the Baylor start) he had a QBR of 43.68...That would be one of the worst QBRs of any multi-game starter in America...AMERICA.

    Could the light pop on for him this off season? Sure. I hope so since he’s going to get the first crack as the starter. But let’s not kid ourselves he was pretty bad. We were just mesmerized by the fact that he didn’t turn the ball over..Guess what he didn’t score much either.
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  3. Not right now. I heard they're back ordered.
  4. ESPN stats showed Collins with a RTG of 131.3.
  5. Except for ball security Robinson did OK, for someone who should not have been playing due to injury. I guess he and his family got PO'ed when TCU made him get surgery he should have had at least two years earlier. Too bad. BTW, before the disaster of his last game against OU, where he finally came out, he had a QBR of over 127.

    Not just the QB, but the entire offense looked out of sorts. TT and OSU have comparable talent to TCU yet are able to reload and play good offense year after year without a TCU level defense to support them. I am hoping the problem was with injuries and not the OC and OL coach.

    Remember early when we were worried we would lose Cumbie and others? No worry this year.
  6. We had very few injuries on offense this year except for the QBs. And I’m not sure the QB injuries really impacted anything because we stunk no matter who played. Our best WR, our two best RBs, and our entire OL save for one player were healthy for at least 85% of the season, and 100% of the season when we were 4-6. I’d take that every single year and be thrilled.
  7. Except for the fumbles, interceptions, horrible throws off the back foot, inaccurate deep balls, poor decision making, and lack of scoring, he was actually really good. Six stars! A perfect 7 out of 10 performance!
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  8. Anderson was hurt a good portion of the year even though he played. The loss of Turpin can’t be underestimated, either, especially on special teams. Without Anderson at 100%, we were really missing a valuable piece of offense that Sewo simply can’t replace. The Igwuagwu injury was a huge blow, too.

    That being said, our OC has yet to create an identity for this offense. The constant shuffling of receivers is maddening, the horizontal passing game is predictable, and the insistence on gimmick plays is beyond absurd.

    A near perfect storm hit our offense this year.
  9. Agree totally with the last parapgraph, but I didn’t notice anything wrong with Anderson, I thought he looked fine when he played. Ran hard all year IMO.

    I just don’t think injuries were the problem, overall the offense was pretty unaffected by them. If losing one previously unheralded OG has that large an impact, see your last paragraph. And if moving Gaynor to C made as much a difference as it seemed that’s on the coaches for not recognizing it sooner.
  10. I guess "fumbles lost" is not part of the quarterback ratings formula.

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