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Offensive Numbers of Interest 2018

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by GetToTheQB, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Just some things that stood out to me
    • Total of 18 TD's through the air on the season
    • Demercado, Wo, Jet combined for 5 total TDs
    • Jarrison, Jaelan, Al'Dontre, Nijeel Combine for 437 Receiving yards total on the season.
    • The same four combined for 0 TD's on the season.
    During the 7 wins (Per game)
    • 43 Rushing attempts for 189 yards
    • Passed for an average of 167 yards/game on 27 attempts
    During the 6 losses
    • 32 rushing attempts for 120.5 yards
    • 36.5 passing attempts per game for 262 yards
  2. Offensive is right
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  3. Wait, so we ran the ball more when we were ahead and threw the ball more when we were losing. That’s a shocking development.
  4. No doubt we went back to a “run set up” offense to get our wins. I’d be interested in the numbers factoring out the non P5 games..No doubt that in our wins we seemed to be ok with patiently establishing the run and letting tension build. Cumbie has a tendency to get jumpy and think he needs to throw the ball down field to try and keep up with the other teams offenses. The reality is we should have leaned on the run game and tried to utilize the clock as our friend.
  5. It appears we had more yardage per game in losses than in wins. The stats therefore suggest we should take more knees.
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  6. True story: 100% of microwave users will die.

    I’m not saying that microwaves will kill you, but I’m not, not saying that either.
  7. The stat I found intriguing was that in the seven wins, we scored more points than the other team, and in the six loses, we scored less than the other team.
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  8. Are you sure? I might have to go back and check those numbers again.


    HOLY [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]!
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  9. That's some seriously good work by the receivers here. We should fire the absolute piss out of anyone who played a part in the coaching or preparation of the wide receivers this year. Those numbers are astonishingly bad
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    Not offense, but we were dead last in the conference in % of attempted field goals made (13 out of 21).
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  11. And don't forget dead last in punting average! By almost two yards per punt, that's remarkable actually.
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  12. "fire the absolute piss out of"

    Good lord, you are a beating.
  13. didn't find the offensive very interesting in 2018
  14. not sure how and why he selected those four receivers, but you do realize there were other receivers involved in the offense and those other receivers actually did have better production

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  15. Stating facts and holding people accountable is not a "beating?" Got it
  16. Did you know you can buy a 27 pound bucket of mac & cheese at Costco?

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  17. Didn’t Gary Kubiak have some ties to GP? He’s unemployed and would make a fantastic mentor for Cumbie
  18. master of using the run game to set up the play action passing game
  20. What if Collins played the whole season uninjured? He threw for an average of 7.6 yards per pass, averaged 32 passes per game, total 243 yards per game. Darius and Sewo averaged 4.7 yards per carry, averaged 38 carries per game, total 179 yards per game. Total offense 422ypg.

    Defense averaged giving up 344ypg.

    Those numbers should win you a lot of games. With a QB that threw 3 times as many touchdowns as interceptions and lost no fumbles.

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