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Offensive line was not good

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Bethley was a force, but they started running away from him/double teaming him.
    Our Ends weren’t bad. They weren’t consistently giving up the outside, and outside of generating sacks, did ok.
  2. did colt play any this last week?

    don't seem to remember him in and the game stats don't show him playing in the game
  3. Just seems like they did not get enough pressure on the qb. and some big plays were given up. One wouldn't think GP's over complicated scheme would impact the D line that much.
  4. I think we're going to have a lot of trouble pressuring the QB with our front 4 all year. Gonna have to find another way.
  5. I don’t recall seeing him. I saw Brooks just flying by a T a couple times. That was nice. They need to find a way to get him on the field.
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  6. I mean we had 499 yards and scored 4 TD's on offense in a game our backup QB played the first half. I just don't feel like their DL/our OL cost us the game. It was actually the other DL/OL battle that was the difference IMO.

    Hell if you want to get right down to it you can ignore both and chalk it up to not starting Max, missing a FG, and losing the TO battle. We probably win by 10 without those factors.
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  7. Misi did not get the job done. We need to see a new face in there this week.
  8. I wonder if ISU's secondary was just total garbage. In particular thinking about the long Lynn TD on busted coverage and the last hail mary to Conwright when the game was over.

    I'd probably agree that our DL vs their OL was ultimately a bigger issue, especially if you ignore the 1H when stone feet Downing was in the game. But to the DL credit, supposedly the guy who has been playing the best (Cooper) was out for the entire game. Maybe you get him in there and feel good about 3/4ths of the DL and things change. You can potentially mask one weakness (Workman), but masking two of them (Misi/Ellis and Workman) is too much
  9. I thought everybody was wearing a mask.
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  10. It stuns me that Misi is a 2nd string DT for us. We have to be better at that spot.
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  11. I'd like to see Sorrells out there for atleast a bit.
  12. sorrels didn't play, don't remember colt and he was the frogs best de at the end of the year, bowen was at defensive tackle for goodness sake
  13. No kidding. It's either the 1st or 2nd most important position on a GP defense with CB.
  14. The Colt Ellison thing makes no sense. He was much better than Workman at the end of last year.... now he's 3rd string?!?
  15. thought colt was their best de at the end of the year and he doesn't see the field

    no coleman, brooks gets token time, don't really remember horton much, and don't really remember that much from the dtackles
  16. It's safe to say something doesn't add up. These guys ALL didn't play because they weren't good enough. I refuse to believe that.
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  17. To vamp on a Shag thread of some years ago: "GMFP lost the game ON PURPOSE just so he could throw Mensa into confusion!"
  18. If what we did on Saturday somehow gets us a win in Austin I'll take the trade off.
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  19. the defensive front against texas is the bigger concern for me after saturday

    the offensive line wasn't good in pass pro, but they didn't do much to help the linemen with the big splits and 5-wides

    figure out pass pro, how to maximize the talent of the backs, target quentin more than twice and see what happens

    defensively, something just wasn't right with that depth chart and rotation and we saw it on the field

    cooper back would be a good place to start
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  20. I'd rather pull one of the DL of the field, go with 3 linemen, and get Brooks on the field for about 30-40 more snaps than see what we saw vs ISU.
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