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Not even a press conference thread?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by PO Frog, Oct 22, 2020.

  1. Good to see that you're still so.... oh hell never mind.
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  2. I doubt we pick ours back up next year. It’s not entirely due to the reasons you suggest, but it’s definitely part of the calculus. Two very young children in Houston makes it super difficult to attend more than 1-2 games a year and given the product, it’s not worth the effort. I don’t have much hope for a turnaround either. I may hold on to tickets in hopes that our attendance bottoms out and I improve my seats significantly and then benefit once the ship changes direction where we are competitive again. Not sure yet.
  3. Maybe it is just my stage in life (married with a baby), but my interest in the frogs has been decreasing the past few seasons. It is almost impossible to know anything about the team until the day the season starts. When every program was making their spring game a big deal, we made it a practice. Gary doesn't allow players or coaches to talk with the media. It is almost impossible to find information unless you subscribe to 247 (which I do).

    I can follow a random English premier league soccer team living in DFW much easier than I can follow TCU. That is the problem. As a small fanbase we need to be doing everything in our power to attract fans and give them ways to follow the team. Aside from an occasional twitter video ,TCU does nothing. Why should I put forth effort to follow the team when the school/program doesn't seem like it wants me follow them?

    My wife loves TCU too and we have a lot of family that go to games, so we will definitely be getting tickets again next year. However, the past 2-3 years have been the first times I have noticed my interest in TCU football slipping. I used to never miss a snap when it was on TV. If we were blowing out a team or getting blown out, I would watch every snap. Now I notice myself being more interested in other college football games than I am the TCU games.
  4. "I can follow a random English premier league soccer team living in DFW much easier than I can follow TCU. That is the problem. As a small fanbase we need to be doing everything in our power to attract fans and give them ways to follow the team. Aside from an occasional twitter video ,TCU does nothing. Why should I put forth effort to follow the team when the school/program doesn't seem like it wants me follow them?"

    this, i have made comments similar on this board and it is amazing how people react. can not tell you the last time i heard gary on the radio in the gulf coast area, have mentioned multiple times how friends who have or still coach really never felt welcomed to come to ft worth the way other programs open up to high school coaches, and for a program that wants to live inside its bubble in west dallas, we have lost recruiting footing in two of the largest areas of talent in the country
  5. When they announce our game time I immediately go check in hopes that our game doesn't overlap with the premier games of the day. If we had played last week at night, I would have probably set-up a 2nd screen/computer to put our game on while watching Alabama/Georgia on my TV.
  6. My interest in other games is just as diminished. I'd MUCH rather watch a random EPL/Bundesliga game than a non TCU college football game. That was ABSOLUTELY NOT the case just a few years ago.
  7. Why do you think that is? I certainly find overall college football less interesting when TCU has no chance at anything important since the games don't really impact TCU. I miss the days of watching 3-4 random other games because you want some team to lose or whatever because it helps TCU
  8. Agreed. Apathy is what should scare them the most. Many of us are way past the point of getting red-assed over the program.

  9. I think that's EXACTLY it. My interest in other college football games is tied directly to my enthusiasm for TCU football.
  10. It's weird man. I hadn't really realized how much interest I'd lost until this thread. I mean I'm still gonna watch and it's still a rush when we win and hurts when we lose but my investment just isn't what it used to be and I'm honestly not sure exactly why. I'm thinking the weirdness of the season is a decent part of it but the main part is probably the realization that this staff has morphed from doing more with less to doing less with more.
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  11. This is something I have considered the last 2-3 years. I actually enjoy watching the games from home more than going to the games. The game day experience is very lame, IMO. The product on the field is [ #2020 ]. Going to the games is such a hassle and basically ruins your day.
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  12. Your doing more with less to doing less with more is spot on and exactly how I feel about the program as a whole. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching our NFL Draft picks go high and following them in the pros but it serves as a reminder that this coaching staff is not what they once were.
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  13. I absolutely love the rush of being in an electric packed stadium. I can totally get how going to a game this year could be a beating.
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  14. It’s a laundry list of factors for me. Weird season because of covid, basically free agency in college sports, our team isn’t very good and I can’t stand the offensive philosophy, the super secrecy in terms of going ons within the program is tiring, the feeling that the staff is kind of coasting at this point, etc etc etc. I’m not going to be able to see tomorrow’s game live and it doesn’t really bother me. Just honestly how I feel.
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    I stopped getting season tickets about two years ago, but that coincided with our mediocre performance, and was not a result of. I definitely believe that now I wouldn’t
    TCU realized this in the 90s when they ran the "My Home Team" campaign. Gave tons of tickets away to schools through the Score a Goal in the Classroom, and introduced family friendly season ticket packages. We are a LONG way from those days. TCU doesn't care about a fan base or butts in the seats. They will do whatever it takes to keep the money spigot flowing, which doesn't come from average folk.
  16. I am seldom able to make it to FW for the games but I think this is it exactly. "less with more", and the apparent lack of concern/fire from Patterson leaves little belief things are going to change.

    It would be one thing if GP came out after the game saying we sucked, we are going to get this thing squared away and back on track. Instead each game is a continued cluster f... and his post game comments and actions show little concern.

    Its strange I use to somewhat follow the recruiting but honestly I now just look at your recruiting thread and wonder why the investment into recruiting if our 5* are not allowed on the field.

    If Patterson doesnt care then why should we? Thats an emotional investment at my age I just don't have to give any longer.
  17. I'm going to my nephew's 4th bday party instead of the OU game. Honestly, I don't care that I'll miss it. I'll catch up when I get home and try to enjoy what remains of the game. As a fan, I'm beat down. I've been a fan for thirty years, an alum for almost 20, and a season ticket holder for 8.

    1. In-person attendance is a minimum 5-6 hour time committment, with inconvenient parking and/or traffic, overpriced food and drinks, far too often in the hot sun, an undisciplined offense tripping over their own dicks, and a defense that takes several games to jell year after year.

    2. The whole team hasn't consistently been fun to watch since 2015. Even when Kenny took us to 11 wins, it was more nerve-wracking than fun.

    3. Watching CGP shuffle coaching deck chairs every year instead of making decisive moves really brings me down as a fan. It screams lack of vision or commitment. I hate to say it, but I don't worry much about coaches getting canned in the middle of a season when they consistently make in the six figures.It's nice to have a blue collar mentality, but actual coaches aren't blue collar. They are highly paid professionals whose only job is to produce and it seems like we're stuck in a late-stage Bowden slide into the irrelevance of starsy players with coaches whose only worth is to bring in moderately high ranked players.
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  18. Hope somebody from the athletic department is following this thread.
  19. Yep. Honestly my opinion of our coaching staff hasn’t changed with our current 1-2 record. We have performed exactly how I expected... sloppy, unprepared, no identity, guys who suddenly can’t play (DTs), OL that remains at the absolute bottom of all P5 schools, massive defensive breakdowns, and then the cherry on top is the bush league secrecy and misdirection games we play with media and information.

    There’s a few bright spots (Meacham when he’s allowed to call plays, Kelly and the WRs) but not much.
  20. This thread is resonating quite a bit with me. Even other guys who played at TCU with me, it just isn't that big of a deal anymore. GP wants to run a super secret program, then comes out and [ #2020 ]s the bed. brutal.

    I was so excited to get a few 5* and hi 4*, but they aren't allowed to play so we can see Emari start is such a sign of incompetency.
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