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NFL post season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by QuilterFrawg, Jan 16, 2021.

  1. Jerry Hughes with the sack! Hope the Bills can win it.
    The Ravens' FG kicker has missed twice. Doinked the left upright on the first try, and the right one on the second try. Lol.
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  2. Looks like Mike Leach is calling plays for the Bills offense tonight. 1 called running play in the entire first half.
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  3. Apparently the Ravens have a pretty decent defensive line.

    And their FG kicker finally made one. Barely.
  4. Buffalo with a 100+ yard pic six!! 17-3 Bills.
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  5. Bills with a 101 yd pick 6. Dayum.
    17-3 almost the end of the 3rd.
  6. Hughes had pressure on Lamar Jackson the play before and almost had another sack.
  7. Yup. Hughes is getting some good mentions tonight.
  8. Wow, Baltimore is falling apart.
  9. Was that a safety?
    Let's see that again.
  10. No. They said he got rid of the ball at the 2 yard line.
  11. Lamar Jackson ruled out for the rest of the game, in the concussion protocol. Thats huge for the Bills.
  12. The wind in Buffalo is giving the kickers hell tonight lol. 4 missed field goals. 2 for each team.
  13. Ah, Buffalo in January.
    No thanks.
  14. I enjoyed the Rams/Packers game too.
    Another chilly game, though. And next week will be in Lambeau again, and they're predicting even colder temps.
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  15. Bills win!
    See you back here 2pm tomorrow for the Cleveland/KC game?
    Go Chiefs!
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  16. If you want Jerry Hughes and the Bills to make it to the SuperBowl, you should probably be pulling for Bakefield and the Browns. Going to be a tough task to beat Mahomes at Arrowhead in late January.
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  17. It'll absolutely be a tough task but the Bills are better suited than anyone else in the NFL except maybe the Packers to do it.
  18. Hughes had a HUGE game. 2 sacks on Jackson. But his biggest play may have been getting in Jackson's face to force an errant pass when there was a wide open WR for a TD and then the next play was the pick 6.
  19. Yeah would love to see the Bills win it all. The Chiefs are definitely beatable this year.
  20. I don't know - Mahomes is a pretty amazing qb.
    Here's a question - Lucas Niang was drafted by the Chiefs and chose to "opt out" for the year. If the Chiefs win, does he get a ring?

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