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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by QuilterFrawg, Apr 29, 2021.

  1. There's a significant difference between making your money with mock drafts and keeping your job with real ones...
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  2. daniel jeremiah on the nfl network had him highly rated as well, but what we saw again was potential at certain positions is a very strong draw.

    consider that not only no safeties were taken in the first round, but i don't remember one interior defensive linemen taken last night.

    you had multiple defensive ends/ edge rushers who either opted out last year or played a nominal amount of games last year but tested exceptionally well at the senior bowl, school workouts or personal work outs.

    we also saw the proverbial run at a position as you had teams late in the first round take corner prospects who are exceptionally athletic, but highly inconsistent and the selection of the titans has already had two back surgeries.

    trevon goes today, he will be well paid, and he gets to start on the next phase of his life.

    the guy who i think is going to come out of the draft disappointed is ar'darius, but time will tell
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  3. agreed and the group that i find really interesting is not the linebacker from kentucky, the quarterback taken by the 49ers, or the two northwestern kids who are very good prospects.

    people have downplayed the level of play in the acc and the big 10, but 13 first round selections came from those two conferences and only 3 of those came from clemson and ohio state.

    the big 12 did have a great deal of young talent and teams this year, but they just haven't looked like other conferences in the lines, especially the defensive fronts and it isn't because of the offenses in the league
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    While I agree with some of what you're saying, I'm also not a believer at all in the idea that NFL success (particularly NFL draft success) is the indicator of how good you are as a college team. On the field the Big 12 has pretty well held their own against the top conferences in recent years. They're clearly not at the SEC level but neither is anyone else. I think the next 4 conferences after the SEC are extremely similar overall with ups and downs from year to year.

    The ACC has been mentioned and I will say that's a conference that has consistently churned out NFL talent but their teams on the field have seen very little success outside of Clemson and the Jimbo FSU teams. To me that conference is exhibit A on how little having NFL prospects on your team actually leads to real winning in college.

    And actually when you really examine Clemson you could say they've maybe over achieved somewhat in relation to their NFL level talent. They've had 2 of the best QB's of this century and famously had that DL that was full of 1st round talent but it's not like they've been putting Alabama type NFL talent out there despite the fact they've been at that level over the last several years on the field.
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  5. Moehrig will be the 1st pick tonight in the 2nd round. If not I’ll take a shot of Tequila each pick he isn’t. Stay tuned


  6. Here's a preview of Phil's house tonight...

  7. looks like the texans' front office
  8. I'm worried the Texans will forget to tune into Round 1 next year. Been so long since they've needed to pay attention.
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  9. If true he’ll have a ring in 3-4 years! I would love to have him join the Dolphins!!
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  10. SI projects Trrevon as the first pick in the second round to Jacksonville. (33 overall)
    NFL..com projects Trevon as the 3rd pick in second round to Atlanta (35)
    Walterfootball projects Trevon as the 4th pick to Miami (36)
    CBSsports -- to Giants (42)
    Sporting News to 49ers (43)
  11. flipped the draft on to watch when trevon gets selected and there is the commissioner introducing some hof'ers who will be announcing picks for their teams.

    holy [ #2020 ]...... orlando pace is a huge human being. john randle looked like a child standing next to pace.
  12. 1 Casa Migas, here’s to feeling good all the time!


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  13. No more Alabama players left.

    Jabril Cox and Terrace Marshall- you're on the clock!
  14. Trevon’s measurables are probably a big reason for the slip. They don’t look too good.

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  15. makes sense and i do think it fits with the high floor, but lower ceiling thought on trevon i heard from someone earlier today

    he will still get drafted, still get well paid, and have a chance to prove he belongs in the nfl
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  16. agree that they have not had much consistency of any success beneath clemson, especially in fsu and miami who have consistently [ #2020 ] the bed the past 4-5 years when they have had a chance to show they are making progress

    i do think though, the acc has had some very good football players in a number of their programs and i would place it above the big 12 in that area
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  17. Kinda surprised the S from UCF went ahead of him.

    Moehrig to the Raiders.
  18. Tre goes to the Raiders!
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