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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by QuilterFrawg, Apr 29, 2021.

  1. mention on nfl network that in training some time prior to his pro day trevon injured his back and worked out with kineseo tape on his back
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  2. I wil buy that jersey. Da Raidahs!!!
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  3. He looked a lot taller than that when he played. Short arms too.
  4. Yep. Didn’t realize he came in just over 6’0”. And short arms. I’ve never understood why TCU adds so much to our measurables. Just dumb
  5. tcu isn't the only one and he went from a 6'2:" recruit per multiple websites and an espn combine to a just over 6' nfl player
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    pretty amazing that of the top 38 players in this draft, 8 are from alabama

    a bit of perspective, the rest of the greatest conference in the history of college football, mankind, and the world has had 14 players selected

    now i realize that 14 is far more than the big 12, but go look at the number of top 10 and 20 recruiting classes in the sec and it shows bama is a freaking machine
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  7. Yeah I know we aren’t the only ones, just annoys the hell out of me knowing every single player is going to be a letdown come NFL combine measurements. At those measurables he’s a pretty average safety
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  8. Just looked and Washington came in at 5’7” (1/2) and 178
  9. Oh No doubt! Someone posting at 1.22 am on the TCU draft board needs to lecture us on priorities.

    No doubt you commute with a mask on and have a melt down in HEB because someone didn't wear their mask in the parking lot.

    We'll be sure to consult you on proper protocol in the future Chief.
  10. hello canada
  11. Yeah it just doesn’t make sense.
  12. No, it's "Oh, Canada!"
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  13. guess the story is he has some family issues he is trying to help with though i can't believe he was given a very high draft projection
  14. (Helpful Hint: When reading any of Country's posts, remember that the sarcasm switch is broken off in the "on" position.)
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  15. I've actually never been to an HEB. Don't even know where the nearest one to me is.
  16. Well they do have the highest payroll.
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  17. I can’t find the importance of height between 6’2 and 6’0 for a DB. If he was 5’8” I’d get it. But at 202lbs he benches 225lbs for 14 reps and is a certifiable ballhawk. Can cover ground and is rightfully the best safety in the draft. Ball don’t lie.
  18. agree on the ability to play, but two things on the height

    first, why list him at 6'2" if he is really 6' if the only thing that matters is play on the field?

    second, we continually see the rating services for recruits and the nfl talent scouts give preference to physical traits
  19. Short arms can actually be a good thing, but only in a few situations


  20. Did you just answer your own question?
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