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New York Post: Kansas-TCU shootout won’t happen with missing guards

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Kansas-TCU shootout won’t happen with missing guards

    By Greg Peterson, VSiN

    Kansas and TCU both pulled off big Saturday wins to set up Monday’s showcase (ESPN, 9 p.m.).

    Both offenses exploded in their most recent games, but have struggled since the turn of the New Year.

    Kansas will be without Lagerald Vick for an unknown amount of time due to personal matters and he was the team’s top 3-point shooter, making 45.5 percent of his outside shots. This puts even more burden on Dedric Lawson, who is averaging 19.6 points and 10.6 rebounds per game, to take total control for the Jayhawks.

    Read more at https://nypost.com/2019/02/11/kansas-tcu-shootout-wont-happen-with-missing-guards/
  2. We're good.
  3. Oh noes! Do you think they will still play the game?
  4. It all boils down to making the shots. This ain't football where you can hold a team scoreless, or virtually scoreless. After a stop/steal, you must score!
  5. Vick being out is huge for us. Kansas still isn't a very good 3 point shooting team with Vick so without them they should struggle more. Of course, Tech is an absolutely dreadful offensive team from everywhere, especially 3, and they couldn't miss against us.

    We were still in that game in Lawrence late in spite of not playing particularly well and Vick getting his hot shooting hand back for us. With their recent form on the road, the absence of Vick, the other kick to the nuts with DeSousa, and our record at home this has some hopeful undertones for us tonight. We've got to figure out a way to limit Lawson, though. I think this article is spot on that he's got to have a monster game for them to beat us. We can't let that happen. He is very capable.
  6. I was about to come on here and say to bet TCU with the upset, but looked at the line and we are already a 3 point favorite. Not sure there’s any value there
  7. Making shots is one key. Reducing the 20 turnovers we had in the first KU game is another. You don't win games against ranked opponents with 20 turnovers. Self telegraphed his strategy of pressuring TCU's guards in his pregame presser, but we still seemed surprised.

    Someone mentioned in another thread that the Frogs seem to play better with ARob at the 2 because he can still drive and distribute without having to handle the ball as much. Seems like a great time to make that move (although to be fair, every TCU guard had multiple turnovers in the first game).
  8. why do you keep saying tech is a dreadful 3-point shooting team when it just isn't true.

    for the season they have shot .345 which is fifth in the big 12 just behind.......tcu. from the floor in general they are fifth in field goal percentage just behind......tcu

    in conference, they struggled primarily because of 4 games in which they were horrendous from the floor, but in their last five games they have shot much closer to the season average and hit over 50% against arkansas and over 45% against ou so they didn't save their best shooting effort for tcu.

    you can keep repeating it, but it just isn't true
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  9. Vick's 12 points against TCU in Lawrence were offset by 6 turnovers. I don't think his absence in the rematch will be a huge difference maker.
  10. It is because you still had to game plan for him. He made 60% of their 3’s and could go off at any point.
  11. Self put Vick on ARob a lot of the game and he did a great job of disrupting our offense. ARob really struggled against him. I wonder if he puts Grimes on ARob tonight. Dotson, their PG, is too small for ARob. Grimes or KJ Lawson will have problems keeping ARob out of the lane.
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  12. curious, why do you think grimes struggles in keeping arob out of the lane
  13. I hope KD is playing PG 20-25 minutes tonight
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  14. Vick is an erratic shooter, but he is a good defender. Grimes is a frosh and has been KU's most disappointing player this year. He got roasted at ISU and KSU. I hope that happens again tonight.
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  15. Anybody who doesn’t think Vick missing isn’t a good thing for us probably doesn’t think not having Fisher hurts the Frogs. He’s probably their most complete player and has the ability to go for 20+ at any time. If we can keep Lawson from beating us himself and keep them off the boards we have a real good chance to win the game.
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  16. Agreed on the rebounding. Second chance point production from KU (and others) has killed the frogs in previous meetings. The frogs are a much better rebounding team now. Let’s get it.
  17. thanks for the response. he has definitely been erratic for ku.
  18. OK, I stand corrected on Vick's impact. Appreciate the analysis.
  19. Add to this that KU is playing with a shorter bench than even we are right now so missing one of their starters and best scorers is definitely significant. They don't have an enormous amount of depth to overcome the loss of those minutes and production. It's probably comparable to us going without Bane or Noi.
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  20. Lightfoot scares me tonight. He’s athletic enough to make it hard on Samuel. Samuel is going to have to stay disciplined when guarding him. He made some big shots either last year or the year before at TCU

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