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New WSJ College Rankings

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by campdavid23, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. In today's WSJ...top 500 US Universities
    The Big XII edition
    62 UT
    171 BU
    205 TCU
    206 OU
    276 ISU
    297 KU
    367 OSU
    436 KSU
    489 TT (no surprise here)

    other TX schools
    14 RICE
    94 ATM
    100 SMU
    396 U of H
  2. Is that good?
  3. What is the ranking based on?

  4. Rankings are based on 15 key indicators that assess colleges in four areas: Outcomes, Resources, Engagement and Environment. Outcomes accounts for 40% of the weighting and measures things like the salary graduates earn and the debt burden they take on. Resources, with a 30% weighting, is mainly a proxy for the spending schools put into instruction and student services. Engagement, drawn mostly from a student survey and with a 20% weight, examines views on things like teaching and interactions with faculty and other students. Environment, at 10%, assesses the diversity of the university community.
  5. We fell from #179 in last years rank. But we were #208 in 2017 so... progress?

  6. No WVU rank?
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    I know I don’t understand what’s really important in life, but I’d rather be #10 in the AP poll and #200 in this WSJ ranking than #10 WSJ and #200 in the AP. And I didn’t have to give that much thought at all.
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  8. Your degree is what you make of it. Period. Everything else is ego and fluff. In law, for example, I've seen people who went to very good law schools who suck, and others who went to value schools like TWU (now A&M) and TSU, who are damn good attorneys.
  9. Top 10 might be a bit of a stretch, certainly most people would rather their degree say Yale or Harvard than TCU, but yeah anything past Ivy's and a few others and it gets in to a bit of "what's the difference". SMU is a really good school, but does it really open that many more doors?

    Even when I graduated in 2004, going back to the Northeast not too many people knew who TCU is. Now, everyone does. The academics have certainly improved, but that recognition is based a lot more on the football team's performance.
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  10. So SMOO ranked 100 spots above us? They do have us beat in the "Hooker Killing" metric.


    *Everyone seems to forget the unborn child of passion (allegedly) fathered by one Craig James, who so soullessly removed them from this world (allegedly).
  11. no WVU
    there were a couple of SEC schools not on the list
    MSU and UGA
  12. your ohio state is showing.......................hey, i just said it before someone else did wex
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  13. It’s a top 500 list?
  14. As with all metrics, flaws are obvious.. Heavy emphasis on graduates' salaries puts liberal arts and Midwestern/Southern schools at a heavy disadvantage from the start. Resources, if not normalized, advantages large enrollment schools and elite private universities. Engagement is subjective to begin with, and the way questions are worded and results interpreted is critical to the outcome. Finally, any scale measuring diversity along traditional (racial, socio-economic, gender, etc) lines. will disadvantage a school such as TCU (except, of course, the female percentage of enrollment).

    Bottom line -- so what? We already know UT and A&M have resources we can't dream about. We already know that, academically, we're very good but not Rice-level selective. We already know that, unless the criteria include toxic culture and dorkiness, we will be seen as roughly equivalent to SMU and Baylor.

    For me, the most obvious differentiator is that which can't be measured -- the quality of our students and leaders and the results we get from the resources we invest in them.

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  15. I think I saw a recruit release one of those on Twitter the other day.
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  16. The last page of that WSJ section on rankings has TCU tied for 3rd in US on student engagement- meaning a quality measurement about our kids’ participation in activities and class projects..
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  17. Top half at least. Criteria not very comprehensive IMO.
  18. Yeah but that was in no particular order
  19. Lack of research and graduate programs will always keep TCU about where it is now. No worries. We fine.
  20. Obviously, morality and ethics are not criteria, or Baylor would be skimming the bottom of the list.
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