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New WSJ College Rankings

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by campdavid23, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Baylor Aggie and smu ahead of us in anything sucks
  2. Wait! Didn't Mac say the Mississippi State Baseball job was the end all to beat all....and don't blame Schloss if he goes. Guess he didn't take into account that Schloss has two kids he's trying to educate.
  3. Won’t the Med school give us a bump in a few years?
  4. I would imagine so.

    The education bubble will burst soon. The entrepreneurs (read: future billionaires) of today are increasingly self-made people who focused on specialized skill development over liberal arts education. Somewhere, there is an executive of a bank that went to ivy league schools and took his education very seriously. Somewhere else right now, in this area probably, there exists a college dropout named Mark Cuban who has more money today than that executive ever will. And it will just keep going this way as we approach a perfect market of information where every individual has access to the same knowledge. At that point it will be ALL about drive, skill and ingenuity, as opposed to mostly about them now.
  5. the irony is many of the people who truly changed things came from the cuban background. mike dell never finished college, bill gates was a social misfit as was jobs. heck, andrew carnegie didn't exactly come from the upper crust of east coast society.
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  6. Wake me when GQ and Glamour and McCall’s and People and Real Simple and Cigar Aficionado and The Thrifty Nickel publish their rankings.
  7. He will be saying the same thing about FSU and Oregon State next year...

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