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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by DaCrief, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Purple and Black...our school colors.

  2. Pretty clear expectation set.
  3. [​IMG]

    Tweet CDC
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  4. Came to post the same thing. Smh
  5. Black wasn't working
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  6. What was doing that got him in trouble aside from grades and being out of shape?

    It looked like he had his burst back at the spring game.
  7. Love Turpin BTW, I think he is extremely important to our offensive success and needs to be utilized more often.
  8. Racist
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  9. Board is getting very lazy with these postings. That was there for the taking since 6:13p
  10. Most efforts get redirected these days.
  11. Has CGP ever been so open about a player's discipline before?

    Not sure what the issues are but seem to be mild in comparison to what has happened under his leadership in the past and wonder if there are not more jealousy issues involved.
  12. If you say the thread title out loud, it takes on a totally different meaning.
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  13. It's early and I'm confused. Who is jealous of who or what?
  14. Coach p has a love and hate relationship with turp.

    Loves him but hard to control sometimes.
  15. He needs to regain trust of his teammates
  16. No. Pretty much exactly what GP is saying, he just usually uses the softer term "knucklehead" in public.
  17. Dude needs to figure it out.
  18. I know how good of a player he is, especially on punt/kick returns, but on the list of things that concern me about 2017, whether Turpin plays or not is pretty far down the list. But yes, it sounds like he needs to "grow up".
  19. You see, this is what happens with black players. Lord knows we've never had any trouble from the white players o_O

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