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Mobility scooter update

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Oct 25, 2019.

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    If there are any objections to my change of plans please let me know

    sincethsvootee fund was started ive had the opportunity to look at a variety of options

    I’ve obtained a used 4 wheel scooter but it needs repairs and modifications to suit my needs so I want to apply some of the fund to take care of that

    the scooter is far better than what I had originally looked at but it needs seatbelts new batteries and a repair to the electrical system. It also needs va shoulder harness to help keep me seated upright. This is important as I tend to lean to one side and when ido I slide out of the chair

    I’ll also need a back support added
    That helps with overall stability

    I know this wasn’t the original plan so if you donated and have objections to my change of directions, please let me know and I’ll refund your money but this needsto eorkhas to work for me or I’m wasting everyone’s money

    thank you so much and let me know. The scooter is great and I look forward to getting it wrapped up and maybe get some purple on it.

    thanks and let me know
  2. Wes- just my opinion, but I don’t think you owe anyone an explanation. You’re applying the funds such that you’ll achieve the same end result (i.e. mobility). Hope this scooter works well for you.
  3. No argument here with any changes that gets you the same final result, out of the house! Full Speed Ahead!!
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  4. No speeding - set a good example. :p
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  5. I'd only have an objection if you didn't get EXACTLY what you want and need.

    That, and Happy Gary, are two things that would piss me off..
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  6. I say that you should feel free to get whatever you need.
  7. A 5-point racing harness? Brembo brakes?

    Next thing, you'll be shopping for a supercharger!
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    I will approve only if you get one of those hard hat dual beer holder devices so that you can maneuver around house while drinking your favorite beverage, hands free.
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  9. Get what works best for you - that's all anybody wanted. Best of luck to you. (And if they can paint it purple during the overhaul, even better.)
  10. So glad you found something to help you! That’s all that matters.
  11. Spend it on Russian hookers if you want. Don’t think anyone would object around these parts. (Several might invoke the board photo rule tho....)
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  12. What frogs9497 said. End thread and Godspeed.
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  13. Do what works best for you!
  14. Thanks. I Just don’t want anyone to think I mislead them
  15. It's your money now. Use it for whatever works best for YOU!
  16. Ah, you're not misleading anyone Wes - we are for you and it's your decision on what helps you best. Go for it, whatever it is to improve your mobility and give you some peace. Yes Peace, and we can start to get you some Peace like Frogs 29 Horns 27.
  17. Reminds me of a joke I hope you'll enjoy.

    A family was dropping off their dad at a senior home and hoped everything would go well. The staff put him in a wheel chair out on the lawn in the sun. After a few minutes they saw him leaning to the right and ran over to prop him up with a pillow. A couple minutes later he started falling to the left so they put a pillow on that side. Just after that they saw him pitching forward, so they put a restraint strap on him.

    The family came back and saw him in the restraint and was alarmed. They asked if everything was ok and if he liked it there.

    "Well, it's ok I guess, but they sure do make it tough to fart around here."
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    Reality kicked me in the teeth yesterday. Hospice AUSTIN visited an d confirmed that I’ll be confined to bed for the rest of my life of course when I get the scooter thing resolved I can get it it for brief get sways but then it’s back to bed and I am sick and damned tired of it

    they also said there are o more treatment options available ani’s they have fired every bullet they have un lessless something new is developed

    on a “positiv” note I’ve lost more weight and muscle mass, that’s not posit it I’ve as it affects my ability to sit upright

    I asked aboutexercises that I could do in bed to at least build up core strength but they said progression of the cancer would probably negate any gains that I might make they did say today more as I am living I about 1000calories a day right nownowif I could only make a quick trip to babes or horseshoe hill for a chicken fried steak. That would be a calorie richmeal

    I really CATHERINE most bothersome thing to me is my voice and the cancer is affecting my vocal chords. That’s why I haven’t breen doing the podcasts lately. It’s too frustrating to try an speak and hope someone can understand me.

    I don’t even lik listening to myself try an talk as I should like a hoarse raspy mess I crave some chili but lying on your back and trying to balance a cup or bowl on my chest is a recipe for disaster

    One last thing. I’m now on my second urinarybtract infection so when I pee it’s lik in leashing a river of lava and I’m surprised it hasn’t burdened though the bed but that’s what catheters are for
    Sorry for the gripe and Moan session. gotta stay positive
    Love you guys

    ok I’ve bored you guys enough thanks for listening and putting up with me
  19. My personal opinion, you’ve earned the right to do pretty much whatever the hell you want with zero apologies to anyone.
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    Wes- I read this article recently and thought of you. I realize this was a small trial run, but perhaps they’ll consider widening it given the apparent successes thus far. I hesitated posting it as you’ve probably read about all sorts of “promising” trials, but figured it couldn’t hurt.


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