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I am pulling for Army; my granddaughter has decided to apply to West Point upon graduation from ESD in Dallas. If she can't get in, she is going to enlist...... This really hurts an old Navy Squid, but I would rather she be an Army Hell on Wheels Ranger than a Marine Jarhead Devil Dog.

We have a straight-up $100 bet; she Granddaddy me out of the 6.5 points spread.

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Watched WFAA (channel 8) news tonight, both at 5 and at 6. Not a mention, not one, of the Armed Forces Bowl over here in Fort Worth. Don't they know we're in the Dallas area?


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What a cluster**** getting people to parking. The organizers of this, if there are any, need to be removed immediately. Live north of the stadium and what a mess. Bad look for the bowl and the city.