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Mike Leach going to Miss State

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frognosticator, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. I especially can't wait to see him school Aggy year after year. Again.
  2. "In 10 seasons as the head coach at Texas Tech (2000-09), Leach guided the Red Raiders to a 84-43 record."

    They went 60-65 in the 10 years since.

    Damn was Tech stupid to fire him.
  3. Egg Bowl will be Mike Leach versus Lane Kiffin. Sign me the scheiss up
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  4. "Mike has transformed Washington State Football into a national brand and we will be forever grateful."

    keep telling yourself pat as leach is a national brand and wazzu is a borderline regional brand
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  5. will kiffin even know when leach insults him?
  6. This is a little bit B.S. PR on the part of WashSt.

    While I'm a ML fan (only post-Tech), I believe he saw the Wash St tea leaves and his leash there was short. He just wasn't delivering Ws in the big games. They are hardly the WSU of the past but his future there was questionable IMO.

    Good move for him.
  7. he has been pretty vocal about their need to spend to stay competitive as well as the pac staying relevant.

    facilities at wazzu are not good, martin stadium only holds just over 32,000 and i believe their enrollment is around 25,000.

    stadium is rarely filled and they are struggling to keep up with uo and the nike money, udub, and now there is talk usc and ucla are going to start put money in their programs.
  8. Same at Tech really. They never understood that the attention was mainly for and on him, not on Tech.
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  10. He will be annutter failure there but will be entertaining.
  11. I believe he will bring order, wins, and fun to Starksville.
  12. But do they have fat girlfriends and sheds?
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  13. It’s Mississippi...
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  14. I can’t wait for his weekly pressers! Imagine him waxing philosophical....and all the sudden he looks up from the podium to see a room full of confused dumb face.

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  15. Just because they may talk slow doesn't entirely mean they think slow.
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  16. "Report: Mississippi has second-highest adult obesity rate in US"

    Clarion Ledger
  17. Stay golden, pony boy.

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  18. I just think this is gonna be a massive fail, and I like Leach.
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