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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Mavsman53, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. Oh come on. 8 is a lock. For sure a 9-3 Kstate is going to be second in the Big 12. OU definitely hasn’t done anything in recent years to expect them to win more than 9 games.
  2. Oh please. They’ll have to break in a new QB next year.
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  3. Hahahaha...... I mean let’s pretend for a second that we’re gonna go 11-1, beat OU, and finish first in the Big 12. And let’s also pretend that the second place team is gonna be 9-3 and not be OU. Kansas St is at best 5th behind ISU, UT, Baylor, and OSU on my list of teams that it could be.
  4. And find a new coach after Lincoln heads to the Cowboys
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  5. Always thought there was a lot of upside with Collins. He's a good kid and can only wish the best for him.
    Briles ?&#%!@?
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  6. As crazy as it sounds, I don’t think the NFL is out of the question for Collins. Not because I think he will every be a good quarterback at any level, but because he has the attributes that make the NFL a possibility. He’s tall (6’5), big (220 pounds), can run well for his size, throws a nice football, and is smart (Penn).

    There are examples of mediocre/sub-par college quarterbacks making their way on to NFL rosters when they have the right physical attributes. Look at Kyle Allen and Garrett Gilbert. Both were sub par college quarterbacks (aside from Gilbert’s senior year) and both have carved out nice little nfl careers.

    If Collins can win the starting job somewhere, stay healthy for 13 games, and be mediocre (not good, just mediocre), then I wouldn’t be surprised to see him sneak his way on to an NFL practice squad as an UDFA.
  7. Stupid
  8. Double win for me!
  9. A) On the way to beating Kansas before a running back had a careless fumble.
    B) He. Was. Hurt.
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  10. The biggest thing I want to see is the Frogs go undefeated at the Carter next year. We have 5 conference games at home next year and we need to reestablish our stadium. A season with wins over OU, OSU, Tech, ISU and KSU is a damn fine year. Toss in a win at BU or UT and it is a special season.

    Hopefully a new offensive scheme will unleash Mad Max, our young RBs and Hunt, Stephens and Barber can thrive.

    And, yes, this Kool-Aid is tasty. :)
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  11. Agree... though in the right offense/situation(like an smu), he could easily be better than a mediocre prospect.
  12. I wish Mike would've stuck around, as he's our best insurance. Max looks like two dislocated shoulders waiting to happen. But I understand the desire to compete. Good luck to Mike. I think someone will get a good quarterback in him. If I'm Sonny Dykes, I'm texting the hell out of him right now.
  13. Beuchele has another year, that would be a lateral move.
  14. Oh geez, my bad. Thought he was a senior. Good. Payback next year in Dallas!
  15. They certainly should know one another .... but only viable if Beuchele is gone !
  16. Maybe the eyeball test would suggest more to Barber/Thomas and Wells... while Malcolm Kelly really needs to coach up the potentially talented Hunt and Stephens.
  17. nothing against Collins, seems like a nice guy. But, Duggan, as a freshman, is the clear best QB at TCU and it really isn’t close. Collins sees this as did Delton and Rogers and wanted to use his last year at somewhere where he sees the field. Don’t blame him.
  18. I wonder if he’s ever fully recovered from that foot related injury. He didn’t look great this year in his brief outing that got him injured again and I just don’t see him being cut out for the NFL, physical attributes aside. I wish him well no matter where he goes or what his future plans are. Seems like a good kid.
  19. With all this talk of quarterbacks, I still am baffled by the decision of when the staff brought in Delton at KSU.
    Defense had just forced a punt and Duggan had just got momentum going.
    Delton comes in and can't move the ball.
    Strange, I understand CGP wanted him to play at KSU but that seemed like a bad time to bring him in.
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  20. Shocking how many of you continue to bring this up but somehow missed the article that said Duggan had an equipment problem that series....

    If you really care that much I am sure you can find the reference

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