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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Mavsman53, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. Michael Collins has entered his name into the transfer portal
  2. headed back home to ireland?
  3. Gary strikes again.
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  4. The QB ranks are rapidly thinning, as was expected they would be as soon as someone established themselves.
  5. I don't blame him at all. Best of luck to the young man.
  6. How? Duggan is our guy and looks like he will be going forward
  7. He dead.
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  8. And then there were 2?:confused:
  9. Man, hope this German kid pans out. Don’t think any of us have eligibility left.
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  10. Down to Duggan and Baldwin, and preferred walk on Downing on current roster. QB/athlete Williams committed.
  11. That leaves us with Downing and Baldwin. Eli Williams is coming in off an injury and heard QB is not his future. Seems to me they need to recruit another QB. Chandler Morris, Chandler Galban, Hunter Dunn, and Roman Purcell are a few names listed showing TCU interest. Chandler Morris might be a good choice because he could likely become a receiver if injuries don't press him into duty at QB and he can't advance up the QB depth chart.
  12. Maybe KState has another 5th year senior backup that we can get to be captain and steal all of Max's reps.
  13. Even though this is sarcastic I couldn't even laugh. What a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] show the Delton deal was.
  14. Can't blame the young man for doing that. This staff can't develop offensive players and the line can't protect.
    Michael was never in the positon to see quality time. injuries came at a bad time. So we never got to see how he really would have worked out as the 1 in the offense.

    GP better plug the hole in the ship.
  15. the staff can honestly tell holiday he could see some snaps at quarterback if he is interested.

    big concern is just how healthy is baldwin
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  16. We did via 4 games last year. He was QB in the Kansas loss.
  17. Bringing Alex Delton here was an unmitigated disaster and a colossal waste of time. Somebody should ask GP why the hell our plan was in starting Delton at railhead on thursday
  18. Just the current state of college football. These guys all WANT to play. Not be a spectator.
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  19. I realize that the most likely correct take on this is "he wants a chance to play, and a true freshman firmly established himself as the starter, plus Baldwin is likely next in line." I also don't think Collins is some kind of potential star. Still, he's the first guy I'm going to think of for awhile if I think about guys who didn't get a fair shake from TCU's coaching staff. I hope he goes somewhere and lights it up next year.

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